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Jan 9, 2013 11:26 AM

Birthday cake on UWS?

Hello 'Hounds,

I will be spending my birthday in a couple of weeks with a friend who lives on the Upper West Side (Columbus, in the 70's), and I want to know where to go for a birthday cake. I looked on Yelp for bakery reviews but they cover mostly the dine-in experience and don't say much about cakes made to order. So I'm turning to you. I've always made my own birthday cakes in the past but this is a special birthday and I want someone else to make something nice for me.

I am flexible as to type of cake as long as it's good and reasonably sweet. I prefer fruit/nut/caramel flavors to chocolate. Something creative is great, or I'd be happy with the almond-flavored white cake with maraschino cherries my mom made for my sixth birthday, as long as it's well executed and ready on time. I don't need fawning service and I don't mind paying (although I'd like to keep it under three figures--I don't need anything huge).

Any recommendations? Thanks!

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  1. Try Momofuku Milk Bar at 561 Columbus Avenue for creative cakes.

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    1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

      Milk Bar is on my list of places to try, but I didn't know they made cakes to order. Have you ordered from them?

      1. re: csdiego

        Yes I tried their chocolate chip cake with chocolate crumbs, coffee buttercream and passionfruit curd. Delicious.

        Here's a related thread on Momofuku whole cakes:

        1. re: Lacrosse_Gastronomic

          I checked their current menu and none of the options really appeals. This might not be a whole-cake place for me.

    2. Good Enough to Eat makes cakes to order, with notice.

      It's been a couple years since I had one of them, but I remember it as being quite good. The usual desserts there are good.

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      1. re: plf515

        I like the look of that place. I wonder if they could decorate a coconut or carrot cake--they both sound good.

        1. re: csdiego

          When we asked them, they did decorations.

        2. re: plf515

          I was intending to recommend this place too - did a special cake for my birthday, banana chocolate chip with chocolate frosting. Outstanding.

          1. re: LittleWave

            I hadn't thought of that, but it could be a perfectly good option. Wonder how easy it would be to order remotely--their website isn't very informative. But I will try getting in touch with them.

            1. re: LittleWave

              Hmm, found their catering menu. The only cake options are chocolate and vanilla, and I'm starting to think I have my heart set on a lemon cake. I will ask if they can do that, but I might have to look elsewhere. Thanks though.

              1. re: csdiego

                Sugar Sweet Sunshine makes a nice lemon cupcake. I'm guessing the full cake version might work. They deliver, too, for a fee.

            2. If you like sweet frosting, you can always get a caramel or hummingbird cake from Magnolia Bakery.

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              1. re: JungMann

                Not sure I want it to be THAT sweet, although their caramel cake looks intriguing. Too bad they don't have the pickup section of their website ready. But I'll keep it in mind.

                1. re: JungMann

                  I got a birthday cake once from Magnolia and it was drier than the sands of Persia... so I'd advise against it.

                2. I don't know if it's as good as it used to be but, I used to love the lemon coconut layer cake at Junior's Cheesecake. There is a Junior's in Grand Central and also one in Times Square. They have mail order as well and there's a lemon coconut cheesecake you can order online, not sure about the layer cake, though. You might have to buy that in person.