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Jan 9, 2013 11:08 AM

Hmong Village

What are your favorite food items from Hmong Village (Johnson Pkwy) and from which vendors do you like to get them?

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  1. Of those things that I've tried from several places, I like the Boba Tea from Blueberry (peach/guava, with mango jelly instead of the tapioca balls), and the spring rolls from the place right across from Blueberry - forget the name of it. They use real sliced pork (instead of some bologna-looking pork product - which might be good, I've never had it, though) and shrimp, along with mint leaves in the herb mix, and come with two dipping sauces at 3 for $3.

    I've also had pho in two of the places, and one was good, and the other was below average, so I wouldn't really recommend either of those.

    I took my daughter along last time, and she had "drunken noodles" from one place - I can't remember the name - it was near the middle, and it was, I think, the only place that had drunken noodles on the menu. They were _really_ good - I'd recommend those - kind of a slightly spicier version of chow fun - very tasty.

    Sorry I'm so bad with the names, but some of the places aren't that well-marked, and I'm pretty sure some of them have also changed names between my visits. I'll pay better attention next time - I usually just wander around until I see something that looks good that day.

    1. I recommend the steamed catfish in banana leaf at "Santi" near one end of the row. Filled with herbs, lemongrass, etc and the filet has no bones. Their version of the pepper condiment that comes with it is amazing -- almost tastes like chocolate.

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