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Jan 9, 2013 11:03 AM

Asian News in Raleigh

Two bits of news I ran across this week. If anyone has any further info, please fill us in.

New Vietnamese in the works - A sign reading "Pho Super 9" is up over the former hibachi restaurant at Plantation Point. That's where the BJ's is, at 540 and Capital Blvd.

Say it ain't so - I was going to have lunch today at Asian Grill on Falls. A handwritten sign on the door says they are closed for remodeling and will reopen in a month. Since "closed for remodeling" usually means "closed permanently" I'm not too hopeful. On the other hand, even though the "For Lease" sign is still in the window of the former Baskin-Robbins next door, a demolition crew was actively at work in that spot. Maybe Asian Grill is expanding? I didn't think that their volume of business warranted an expansion, but I hope I'm wrong. I'd really hate to lose Asian Grill.

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  1. I'm bumping this post because I'd like to know if anyone has any additional / more recent news on the closure of Asian Grill. Their website is completely gone and I am unable to locate anything regarding their remodeling out on the web other than here. It seems strange to me that if a restaurant was just remodeling that they'd remove their website. I hope my fears of their permanent closure are unfounded as they were the best Chinese restaurant in the area and will be missed tremendously.

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      I'll poll my sources and see what I can find out.

    2. According to Greg Cox, the chef at Asian Grill left and they tried to get another, but decided to throw in the towel. Many people will miss their soup dumplings.

      1. FYI There is another Vietnamese place in Morrisville my wife told me about that has just opened, Taste Vietnamese Cuisine, I believe in the same shopping center as Tower and C&T Wok. I can't comment on food as we haven't visited yet, but I believe the owners have been involved in other area Vietnamese places that were decent.