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Jan 9, 2013 09:48 AM

Private Room for 20, Great Food, Brookline

Looking for restaurant in or around Brookline with a private room for 20 people.

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  1. Hops n Scotch has an upstairs. Perhaps you can reserve that space.

    1. try reserving the upstairs at La Morra

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      1. re: teezeetoo

        I was going to suggest La Morra as well. Can't think of anywhere else that has that kind of extra space...

        1. re: Bugsey34

          Thank you! It looks like it might work out with La Morra. I just spoke with them...waiting to hear back from the event coordinator.

          Does anyone have any back up suggestions just in case? It can border Brookline and be in Boston or Chestnut Hill.

          1. re: JNice

            There's also a private room at The Cottage in Chestnut Hill I believe, the part of the restaurant that is facing Rte. 9.

            The Met Bar in Chestnut Hill across Rte. 9 might have a space they can block off, too.

            1. re: Bugsey34

              These are both great options! I am waiting to hear back from the Met and Cottage event planners.

              Are there any suggestions for the border of Brookline and Boston?

              1. re: JNice

                Eastern Standard is all I can think of, which is on the border of Brookline/Boston. I think their private room seats 16, but you could call and ask.

                1. re: Klunco

                  Are you thinking of the room in the back near the stairs? They have a second one, too - bigger and more gallery style, upstairs across from the bathroom. My sister threw me the world's most awesome bachelorette party there; we had 25-30 people.

                  1. re: hungrybruno

                    Yeah, was thinking of the room in the back. Wow, had no idea they had a second larger room. Good to know!

          2. re: Bugsey34

            La Morra didn't work b/c they require a $3500 minimum and I am having around 20 guests.

        2. 51 Lincoln (in Newton Highlands) isn't so far away, and they have their basement room -- should fit about 20

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          1. re: L2k

            Thank you, but Newton Highlands is little too far west...trying to stay closer to Coolidge, Chestnut Hill Mall is about as far West as we can go.

            Is there anything in Kenmore Square. I am waiting to hear back from Island Creek.

            1. re: JNice

              See hungrybruno above: she had a great experience at Eastern Standard, which is one of my favorites, though I didn't know it had a room for up to 25.

          2. Beacon St Tavern has a private room in back that can be reserved.

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            1. re: nightsky

              Again, a Tavern isn't quite high end enough but thanks for the idea. I'm leaning more towards Chestnut Hill either Met or Cottage.

              1. re: JNice

                I have not heard good things about The Cottage. I've been to the Met once, I thought it wasn't particularly good.

                1. re: CookieLee

                  So please help me out...I need a location very close to Brookline that is more on the upscale side and has a private room (preferably closed doors).

                  1. re: JNice

                    Well, I did suggest Hops N Scotch. Their upstairs space may not have doors. It does have a staircase. If you're using the entire space, I should think they could close off other people from going up there. Hard to find a place in CC that is big enough to have a separate room. Another suggestion would be FuGaKyu, but that would limit you to Japanese cuisine.

                    1. re: CookieLee

                      my experience is limited to one stop at Hops n Scotch but I wouldn't repeat it. I thought the food bordered on "bad." Check Beacon Street Tavern - the food is not as good as ESK but, in my experience, is reasonably good and the place is pleasant. Someone has said that Open Table lists places with private room options. Sorry about La Morra: I do like the food but that pricepoint is way too high.

                  2. re: CookieLee

                    The Cottage is hit or miss. Ive had some great food and some meh food. Met has been just so-so.

                    Capitol Grill probably has a private room.

                    1. re: C. Hamster

                      The cottage is pretty solid, it's just not going to blow your mind. My mom had a bad service experience there not too long ago but I have never had a problem so I can't really say anything bad. Considering your requirements, I think it's the best you're going to get. The Capitale Grille will probably have a minimum similar or worse than La Morra, it's an overpriced steakhouse.

                      I ate at the Met for the first time (though I've lived near there for ages) and was shocked at how good it was actually. We thought the food was really delicious. I still remember the meatloaf stuffed with porcini. I think my husband had a steak. Is it normal that I can remember exactly what we ate at meals months ago but can barely remember what happened at work yesterday?!

                      1. re: Bugsey34

                        This sounds great! I am deciding between Met and Cottage. Having lunch at Cottage on Monday so hopefully that will help make the decision. I really need a restaurant that is close to Brookline and is a crowd pleaser and I am hoping the Met or Cottage will meet that need. It has yet to be decided....