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Jan 9, 2013 09:26 AM

where do PVD folks go for dinner on just an "average night out?"

since you can't eat at chez pascal EVERY night, what are your go-tos for just a regular old weekday night out?

julians, los andes, chilangos, and tommy's pizza get the majority of our business. i wish the locals was better because it would fit the bill nicely. mccurdy's junction house was another good one while it lasted.

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  1. I'm not a local but was just at Red Stripe on Angell and the menu seemed like it had a good variety to satisfy both a quick smaller bite or a full dinner. Nice big bar, pleasant space, I'd go back.

    1. In addition to strongly appreciating your favorites, our gotos are Not Just Snacks, and Best Eastern (N. Prov Mineral Spring).

      We don't really care about so-called ambiance, so nothing fancy, but nice folks and good food. To be honest, Not Just Snacks is actually our fancy night out, but I suspect we are not exactly normal...

      1. Parkside, Haruki, Tokyo, Meeting Street Cafe, Rasoi, and Thai Star are frequent go-to places for us. We went through a Chilangos phase, too, but haven't been in a while.

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          have you been to thai star lately? we used to eat there often but the last few times it seemed pretty inconsistent to me.

          i like parkside a lot too but $25+ entrees is not really a casual night out for us.

        2. We have young kids so it needs to be someplace relatively loud with something they will eat. Like you, I wish the Locals was better. It is in our neck of the woods, has toys for the kids but we have had some really bad meals there.

          Right now our most common haunts are Red Bridge Tavern and Lucky's both in East Providence. Occasionally we will hit up the Fez if we can get there early enough.

          1. On an average night, PVD folks dining at Chelos and Greggs probably outnumber diners at all the places that get mentioned here, combined. But we know what question you really meant to ask.

            Ivy Tavern is my comfortable old shoe for dinner these days. And even though you did not ask and there is nothing average about it, Pho Horn is where we go for lunch.

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              Living in VA for many years, I could really go for a steak sandwich at Chelo's right now.