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Jan 9, 2013 09:25 AM

breakfast in Houston?

It's been 30 years since I was in Houston. Will be staying near Herrman Park. Need breakfast recs

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  1. Head over to The Breakfast Klub if you can.

    1. 2nd the Breakfast Klub,if it on the weekend, you need to get there early or be happy to wait in line (which is not bad when its not hot out)

        1. re: specktaker

          There's nothing noted that would keep me away.

        2. Unfortunately, what you'll typically find in the restaurant industry is that where there is a little smoke there is usually fire. If things aren't clean around the food and the surroundings, well maybe things aren't that great on the line on a busy morning... Might be ok, just a tip. Enjoy!

          1. There is nothing of note around Herman Park. Med Center fast food joints and cafeterias. Assuming you don't want to travel miles for breakfast I suggest your hotel. Breakfast Klub is not nearby. I like Dot Diner over near UH off of I-45 but last time I went I lost all my hub caps. Let us know what you found. Also, if you are there on a weekend the brunch options are numerous, but I assume you are talking weekday.