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breakfast in Houston?

It's been 30 years since I was in Houston. Will be staying near Herrman Park. Need breakfast recs

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  1. Head over to The Breakfast Klub if you can. http://thebreakfastklub.com.

    1. 2nd the Breakfast Klub,if it on the weekend, you need to get there early or be happy to wait in line (which is not bad when its not hot out)

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          There's nothing noted that would keep me away.

        2. Unfortunately, what you'll typically find in the restaurant industry is that where there is a little smoke there is usually fire. If things aren't clean around the food and the surroundings, well maybe things aren't that great on the line on a busy morning... Might be ok, just a tip. Enjoy!

          1. There is nothing of note around Herman Park. Med Center fast food joints and cafeterias. Assuming you don't want to travel miles for breakfast I suggest your hotel. Breakfast Klub is not nearby. I like Dot Diner over near UH off of I-45 but last time I went I lost all my hub caps. Let us know what you found. Also, if you are there on a weekend the brunch options are numerous, but I assume you are talking weekday.

            1. I can drive anywhere reasonable for 2 weekday breakfasts, probably brunch at Hugo on Sat and then early Sunday heading north on 45.
              BTW: is huitlacoche seasonal? Hugo doesn't currently list it

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                I don’t go out for bkfst so can't offer personal recs but so you have some more places to consider if you're not big on standing in line:

                Just west of Hermann is Rice U and west of that is the Village (probably known by that name, the original name, when you were here, now usually called Rice Village), several dozen or so restaurants, some of which must be open for breakfast. The one's I am familiar with are not but I have heard of Croissant Brioche, on University; it might be your closest option.

                West of the Village is Kirby and north on that is Goode Co. Taqueria which is open for breakfast and I've heard about for years.

                Here's a list from the Press recently of places serving bkfst all day, several within about 10-15 mins of Hermann:


                This is the only curated list of breakfast recs I could find. Of the ones within about 15 mins I've never been to Rustika or Natachee's; La Guadalupana is a good bet, Harry's has been hit or miss for me; I'd pass on Buffalo Grill personally (again, rating on my experiences other than at bkfst).

                Another one is Baby Barnaby's, on Fairview in Montrose, open only for breakfast, that I've always heard a lot about. I've been to the other Barnaby's that don't specialize just in breakfast so I'd go for that one too.

                Tel-Wink Grill on Telephone is a classic diner known for it's breakfasts (there will be a wait on weekends I understand).

                In case you don’t remember, that part of town is also referred to as the Medical Center area or the Museum district, if you're looking for recs on other sites.

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                  Good stuff, Brucesw! As to huitlacoche, it grows during Mexico's rainy season, generally the summer months. I guess Hugo doesn't use canned or jarred versions.

              2. For what its worth we did have a huitlacoche dish at Hugo's Sunday brunch the week before Christmas. Hugo's brunch rocks. Killer tres leches for dessert if you have room.

                1. Thanks everyone. I have more than enough now. Hoping huitlacoche will appear in late April. Will be checking Hugo's menu

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                    canopy which is in museum district is not too far from where you will stay.. I like their challah french toast and their pastry.