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Jan 9, 2013 09:24 AM

Un-cut Bourbon

I am a big fan of Bookers, Knob Creek Reserve, George T. Stagg and Thomas Handy. I like un-cut Bourbon and Rye when it is well done. However, they are usually expensive. Has anyone come accross a lower end (cost) version of this that still has some quality?

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  1. Old Grand-Dad 114 claims to be "barrel proof" and if you can find it is usually inexpensive. I've also heard it's really good for the money, but never seen it on the shelf before.

    Most of the cheaper bourbons top out at 100 proof. Old Weller Antique is 107 proof, not straight from the barrel, but definitely a great deal and a good bourbon to boot.

    1. I agree with Nickls that, in terms of high proof bourbons (though I'm not sure it's barrel proof), Old Grand-Dad 114 is excellent, and a great deal at $25

      Wild Turkey Rare Breed is another good one at a reasonable price (around $35 or $40), but those two are about it in the under $50 range.

      1. I would agree with the posters above, and add that if you have a Costco nearby, I quite like their Kirkland's brand Bourbon. It's 103 proof, 7 yr old Beam product. Some have speculated it is relabeled Baker's or Knob Creek, and at $20 for a liter is an excellent bargain.

        1. Old Grand Dad 114 looks very interesting. I will have to track some down. Thanks!!!

          1. i beleive bulliet bourbon and rye are 95%. but i dont know of anything barrel proof that is particularly affordable. but then again here in ohio we pay a little more than we should.

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              95%? I think you may have made a mistake there... The Bourbon is 40% abv., the Rye 45% abv. The Rye is made of 95% rye in the mash bill.

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                im sorry. i meant 95 proof. but upon rechecking it is 90 proof, so 45%. you are correct.