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Jan 9, 2013 09:19 AM

Food at Wicked Weed Brewing in Asheville

I know the beer is good, but how's the food? We have tried to eat there twice now, and both times the wait was over an hour.

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  1. Was in there on Monday and had a great bratwurst with Lusty Monk mustard and good kraut. The burger I saw the guy next to me eating looked very good also.

    1. Thanks. Maybe the lines will lessen after the new wears off.

      1. I had a fried chicken and kim chee sandwich with miso mayonnaise there today for lunch. Sounded more interesting than it tasted, frankly. My dining colleague had the black bean burger with pimento cheese and fried okra and thought it rather bland.

        Based only on those two items, I would say that the menu sounds more interesting and creative than the delivered product, though I would say the sample size was too small to deliver a definitive opinion.

        1. I had the bison burger, hubby had the short rib - both excellent. Beer is fantastic, service was great, space is cool...this one is a winner in my book.

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            We've been twice more since my last post (kind of addicted to this place!) so here are some more food updates. I was not a fan of my black bean burger - it was mushy and bland. Shoestring fries that time around were a little cold and undercooked too. My husband had the bratwurst - big and juicy, very good. Yesterday we had the pulled pork sandwich and the fried chicken. LOVED the chicken - that miso mayo was delicious and really different. Pulled pork was good too, and the thin, crispy bread that both sandwiches were served on was excellent. Again, fries were ever so slightly undercooked but we still wolfed them down. It's not the best food in town but it's pretty darn good for a busy bar. The beer is phenomenal. And next time I want to try the cheese plate - it looked really nice.

          2. Finally got in the place yesterday, though I had to go at four in the afternoon to do it. Sampled four different beers, from a brown ale to a double I.P.A., each
            exemplary. As for the food...the pulled pork sandwich, though obviously very fresh, had no smoke flavor whatsoever. (In fairness, it is not identified as "BBQ pulled pork.") The truffled popcorn snack was stale. The rosemary marcona almonds, however, are a perfect accompaniment to the beer. The best thing I ate was an odd but delish med. burger topped with short rib meat ans crispy shallots. The shoestring potatoes that come with the sandwiches are forgettable. Verdict: Get the almonds, try a couple of those spectacular beers, and, for now, take your dinner money elsewhere.