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Jan 9, 2013 08:30 AM

Where can my boss dine tomorrow night?

My boss will be staying at the W Hotel in downtown Dallas for one night, tomorrow night.

Where would you suggest he eat dinner? A steak house perhaps? Any suggestions would be appreciated. He will be dining alone.

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  1. Other than the new restaurant in the W, in downtown Dallas I'd advise him to try Stephan Pyles on Ross Avenue or Bob's Chop House in the Omni Hotel. Or, he might enjoy Wolfgang Puck's Five Sixty at the top of Reunion Tower.

    Bob's would be my first choice with Stephan Pyles, second.

    1. If it must be a steakhouse....Nick and Sam's.
      If he wants an adventure...FT33
      But...he could could easily eat at the bar at Stephan Pyles - their bone in cowboy ribeye is as good as anything (maybe better) than most steakhouse steaks...