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Jan 9, 2013 08:05 AM

Yoki - Worth trying?

I have gone by Yoki in Central Square a few times recently and it's been completely empty. Not 2-3 full tables . . . zero tables. And this has been around 7pm on week nights. I've seen a couple people in around that time on Friday and Saturday.

Has anyone gone? Is it worth trying?

Reminder: this is the restaurant that took over the Floating Rock space. I think that space may be cursed. It's too big and laid out wrong, and certainly not going to work for a mediocre restaurant (which Floating Rocj was and Yoki appears as if it could be).

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  1. The one at Station Landing is ok...mostly specializes in funky roll designs. Not outstanding sushi though..probably a couple of notches below Douzo/Oga/Oiishi.

    1. They do seem to have a growing lunch business - I've been a few times myself, each time somewhat shockingly pleased. The quality of the fish is slightly above, say, Whole Foods sushi. The maki, rice and knifework are about what you'd find in the ever-expanding belly of the bellcurve of standard true world sushi restaurants around town. Probably the standout thus far has been the una-don, which was really quite excellent, and the bento box is prepared with more care than necessary. For me, it's a healthy lunch option, and that's it. Nobody should be driving out of their way.

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        ^ this. It's generally fresh and there's not much else in the immediate area. I prefer Yoki's fish to Fuji in Kendall. The large bar to the left as you enter is completely empty and unused, which makes the space seem even emptier than it is. I think they do a fair amount of take out.

      2. It is fine in a pinch, but not at all worth a trip, and really not worth trying unless you have a serious craving and no time to head out of the neighborhood. The fish is fresh enough, but the selection is rather limited. The sushi is a bit cheaper than at Thelonious Monkfish, the quality and variety is a bit better at TM, but neither is all that special. I'm sadly underwhelmed by the Cambridge sushi options in general, particularly around Central Sq.