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Jan 9, 2013 06:51 AM

Fine Wine prices could rise by 14 percent in 2013

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  1. The title isn't referring to what I would have guessed. Meaning the average prices for what most us would buy as "fine wine". THAT I'd imagine would be mostly in the $50-200 range.
    That aside, I am incredibly skeptical about the whole wine as an investment vehicle thing. Especially as done through funds and via things like Live-ex. The dynamics are quite unpredictable. The way they come about their indices and alleged market conditions seems questionable to me. I wonder if they really have a solid idea as to how much of their own wine the 1st , 2nd growth Bordelaise have themselves? Those people have always been resistant to saying how much they have. In that they have skin in the game one really has to take their projections with a grain of salt.
    "Wine is like gold"? Well maybe a little, but with big differences. They don't have a lot of historical basis for their projections and the wine market follows general economic trends that they aren't probably qualified to assess.
    I'd say a maximum 5% drop which they claim is a crapshoot.
    It could easily drop another 10%. True, it COULD rise 14 percent. Much more likely a third that amount.

    1. This year for New Years instead of Champagne we had Boon Geuze Mariage Parfait. I rarely spend $40+ retail for a bottle of wine.