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Jan 9, 2013 06:24 AM

Flavoured popcorn

I'm looking for popcorn that comes in unique flavours (sweet or savoury alike) - anyone know where to find any?

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  1. I pop my own and add truffle oil to the melted butter.

    1. what about those Kernels popcorn stores you see in the malls all the time????

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        Yeah, I'm trying to go the small biz route though to see what else is out there. I'll take suggestions for restaurants that serve it as an app as well.

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        1. Not a small business, but, Costco was carrying "Chicago mix" in a huge bag before Christmas. Not sure if it is a normal/regular item but worth checking out.

          Found this pic of the bag via google

          I saw a smaller bag of the same popcorn at a Fortino's too (should be at other "Loblaws" stores probably.

          If you haven't had chicago mix before it is a mix between cheese flavoured and caramel flavoured. Actually a pretty good combo!

          Also, the Indiana brand has a bunch of interesting flavours..

          They definitely carry it at Whole Foods but I have seen it at other grocery stores as well.

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            I'd love to know what combo Barque puts on their popcorn. It's is dee-lish!!!

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