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Is Yvonne's in Mount Vernon closed?

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a friend drove by and said it looked closed. I heard they had a lot of service issues. Does anyone know if they closed?

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  1. They were open as of Dec. 19.
    Try giving them a call, (914) 663-7685.

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      So far, no one has picked up the phone, but it does ring, it's not out of service. But the website is shut down. I'll try calling again later.

      1. re: GIOny

        I know they do brunch so I called today (Sunday morning) and still no answer. I'm guessing another one bites the dust.

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          I liked Yvonne's when it was a little take out place in Pelham and also after they became a sit down restaurant in Pelham. We had dinner after they moved to Mount Vernon on a Sunday last summer. My husband ordered fried chicken I don't remember what I ordered. Both of our entrees had clearly been leftovers from the brunch buffet earlier in the day. The food was completely dried out and horrible. We felt totally ripped off and never went back.

          1. re: chowdom

            My experience with the dry food was similar. The buffet brunch food was dry to begin with. There were a couple of dishes that I was usually pleased with, the smothered chicken being one, but at best I thought the food at the Mount Vernon location was okay.

    2. Word is new owners and new chef. Paper up over the windows so some type of work is going on. Will be a similar type of cuisine. Once Yvonne's started holding "Ladies Nights," comedy shows and musical acts during prime dining hours I had a feeling that it wouldn't be long before they'd close their doors. The same thing happened to the old Samba na Brasa Brazilian restaurant in Fleetwood.

      Also hearing of a possible expansion into the space next door which currently houses a longstanding wine/liquor store which could indicate that a lounge/nightclub element could be in the works.