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Jan 9, 2013 02:31 AM

Pale colored meats/meatballs that can be dyed bright colors

Strange story... I'll be cooking "magic meatballs" for Dutch tv show about speculative nanotechnologies.
I need recipes or ideas for ways to make meatballs (from meat/tofu/veggies/whatever) that are as far from normal looking as possible.... the meatballs are being presented as having been grown in a laboratory from animal stem cells, with all sorts of colors and vitamins added in that make them "magic".
Anyone know of a meatball recipe that uses particularly pale meat? What about German white sausage?
They're going to be eaten on-air, so they'll still have to actually taste good :)

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  1. bob's your uncle -->>>

    or…. using fennel instead of spinach.

    either option -- though not a "meat"ball -- can be shaped and colored, and still be delicious. and that's magic.

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      what about German Knödel? Maggi makes some that come in little bags -- you cook them in the bags, then tear open the little (paper) bags to reveal a round ball of potato.

      The starch would easily absorb whatever colors you'd want, and they have a kind of gelatinous look that could be vaguely unsettling....

      (ETA: sorry, Alka -- didn't actually intend to reply to you....)

    2. I would think using ground chicken or turkey breast would give you the palest color for meat options, maybe just poach them instead of frying to prevent browning.

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        +1 ground chicken/turkey. Mix with cooked white rice for the colors to really pop and to give the meatballs a more lumpy rustic look.

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          That was going to be my suggestion, chicken or turkey, also ground pork is pale.

        2. I wonder if colouring a batter and then frying them would work. That way you could have a vibrant colour on the outside and another colour on the inside.

          1. How were the ones in the picture made?

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              I'm just guessing but they look like Playdoh to me.

            2. The ones in the picture were just made from salt dough (and are currently an alarming science project in the back of my office's fridge).
              Thanks so much for the replies! I'm going to test out a few recipes on Friday and I'll let you know how it all goes.