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[London] ISO Best shabu shabu?

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Currently looking for a shabu shabu restaurant in central London for a weekend meal. Thought I'd try Kiku in Mayfair but since it's a little on the expensive side, I'm looking for any other recommendations.

I've already been to Sichuanese hot pot and Japanese ramen to get me through London's cold, dark winter. I think now is the time for shabu shabu!

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  1. Maybe try Miyama on Clarges street. I've not tried their shabu shabu but everything else is good. it's not cheap, but should be cheaper than Kiku.

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      Thanks, Will125. You're right - Miyama is cheaper... but only by £1!

      I'm surprised at how difficult it is to find information on Japanese shabu shabu in London. Any other pointers would be much appreciated. If it's a place that also serves hirae sake (warm sake with a fishtail), then I'll be there!

    2. Mitsukoshi does shabu shabu I think?

      I just googled "Shabu Shabu London" in Japanese and found some info. They mentioned Kiku, Momo (Ealing) and Mitsukoshi.

      There use to be a Red book for information on Japanese restaurants/shops in London. Not sure if they still have it.