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Jan 9, 2013 12:56 AM

Vegetarian Dumplings in San Gabriel?

I'm sorry to admit that I'm a vegetarian when asking for dumplings in San Gabriel.... There are lots and lots of posts about dumplings in the SGV, but not too much that details dumplings without pork. I'm not a super strict vegetarian (don't mind broth) and technically I'm really a pescatarian as I will eat fish. But no chicken or pork or beef. Friends took me to Din Tai Fung -- and there was enough choice there for me to really, really enjoy it. But at another, unnamed restaurant, my request for dumplings without pork created quite a stir. And at yet another, "vegetarian dumplings" still meant pork. I realize I may be at odds with the Chinese commitment to pork - but short of the all-veggie restauarants (which most posters here don't seem too excited about) -- can you point me to another place where I might be able to eat at least one or two vegetarian dumplings or buns? Thanks in advance!

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  1. Nothing wrong, or unusual, with vegetarian dumplings. Not sure why it would cause "a stir" or be "at odds" with anything.

    But whatever, there are lots of places that have vegetarian dumplings, including 101 Noodle, Luscious Dumplings, Mama Lu's, and JTYH. All of them have fish dumplings as well.

    (FWIW, Dean Sin World has good veggie won tons if you are interested in that as well.)

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      Luscious Dumplings does not have fish dumplings though to my knowledge.

    2. Fine Garden Vegetarian Restaurant on Main Street in Alhambra, in the mini mall with Golden Deli... They have a vegetarian dim sum menu of about a dozen or so items available, made to order.

      1. Not quite the dumplings you're looking for, but it's an alternative: http://www.finegardenvegetarian.com/d...

        1. Farm Cuisine in Monterey Park is an organic, healthy foods restaurant serving Chinese fusion dishes, and they offer vegetarian dumplings: http://www.yelp.com/biz_photos/farm-c...

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            Thank you so much!
            After my inital post, I did try Luscious Dumplings, but sadly they informed me that they do not make vegetarian dumplings. I have had good success with 101 Noodle Express and Din Tai Fung, so I headed north to both of those places as consolation. But I have not heard of Either Fine Garden or Faram Cuisine, so will definitely check out both!!!

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              Din Tai Fung has some other good vegetarian offerings, and mark them as such on their menu. But for strict vegetarians, do ask them to make items that aren't premade without chicken base - otherwise, even some of the items marked as vegetarian are not.

              While they're mostly famous for sausage, I like the vegetarian dumplings next plaza over at Sinbala (nice thick, hearty skin), and their vegetarian smoked goose is also good. Not sure if they're made in-house, but the dumplings are available frozen as well. Papa walk has similar dumplings, which aren't bad, but a bit salty.

              Huitou xiang has vegetarian dumplings. 101 Cafe's are all right. Kingburg Kitchen (good skins; filling a bit bland). Beijing Pie House (filling is the same as the veg filling for the vegetarian xianbing - a little bit sweet, but pretty good. May not be on the menu, but they'll make it). So does Michelle's Pancake, but their stuff is a little bland overall IMHO.

              There's a place which has pumpkin ones; unusual, but not that delicious.

              Bean Sprouts in Arcadia has dumplings, and also hongyou chaoshou (chili oil wontons), and wonton noodle soup (all vegetarian).

              Since you eat fish, I'll mention a few other pesce options:
              JTYH, Kingburg Kitchen, and Huitou xiang all have fish dumplings which should be pescetarian or close to it (i.e., no pork meat).

              Not really dumplings, but you could also try jiucai he - garlic chives, typically with egg, and usually small dried shrimp. Places like Huge Tree, etc. will have them.

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                RE: Sinbala and PaPa Walk vegetarian dumplings.

                They are not made in-house.

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                  Okay, I wish I were on the road right now.... I'm excited to follow your vegetarian Chinese trail! Soon enough. And I'll report back.

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                  Luscious Dumplings did at one time at least serve Vegetable Dumplings but not fish dumplings.

              2. I'm in the same boat as you (pescatarian) and Din Tai Fung has two good dumplings: (1) vegetarian, which is good and (2) shrimp and green melon, which I really love. There's probably some broth issues, but no chunks of pork (that I noticed).