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Jan 8, 2013 10:35 PM

British Pub

I apologize if this was mentioned elsewhere as my search on board came up fruitless.

I'm looking for a good british pub that's as authentic(foodwise) as possible and DON'T mention Shakespeare Pub or Princess Pub as they are far far below my mother's standards. Price isn't an issue and distance(driving) would be up to 20 miles from mission valley(not in the ocean preferably)

Also looking for authentic 'bangers' within uh 40 miles of mission valley and to save you the trouble, don't mention tip top, t&H, Shakespeare or Rosie Lee's british foods. Been currently buying em from our goto place in nyc shipped.

Thanks :0

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  1. Churchill's Pub and Grille in San Marcos is pretty decent.
    They have Bangers and Mash..
    I've only gone for a black and tan.
    O' Sullivan's in Esco for fish and chips is great but not authentic pub.
    White Horse Pub in London is my fave pub and I wish I could find something close to what going on with that beauty.

    1. Not nesessarily a British Pub but, Jaynes Gastro Pub has bangers and mash and fish and chips along with a great craft beer selection.

      1. Thanks, I'll be sure to check em out and throw my 2 cents in.