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Jan 8, 2013 09:26 PM


anyone been here yet? went tonight, had a whole bunch of stuff, highlights being the diy rice paper wraps with shrimp and pork belly, the mackerel torched at the table that set off the smoke alarm, and an apparently off menu lamb stew that was truly delicious. wings were great, the fried rice lacked a bit of... something, it was good but not as exciting as some of the other stuff. oh the loosey (burger sandwich thing) is tight. the ssam was chill, it came with differently prepared beef, pork, and something else served in a big dish with the requisite gochujang and a frankly delicious kimchi, although the meats themselves were maybe not quite as good as the offerings at chantecler. good service, good music, good ambiance i would definitely say this place is worth a try, they've got a lot of cool stuff available in the snack/light food category and they seemed like they had a couple cocktails up their sleeve but i didn't imbibe tonight

anyways, what do you think?

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  1. Pretty much spot on...I don't have anything to add. I did like the fried rice quite a bit though, maybe because fried rice is my drunk food. All the food is pretty good though.

    Should mention that its more of a bar than a restaurant, just so people here get the right expectation

    1. The wings are tight, better than any KFC in korea town or north york's korea town.

      You gotta be a hipster with your red & black lumberjack to fit in though.

      The squash poutine is also quite tasty, and dare I say it the buns are better than momo.

      It's not a dinner place at all, totally drunken snacks spot. This has a become an industry hangout.

      Could use an upgrade in beer selection, take some notes from Get Well.

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        oh yeah that 'poutine' was tight af, it slipped my mind cuz it was the first in a barrage of food haha

        did not catch a weird vibe at all it was mostly 30+ looking cats in there, and the beer selection is yeah, pretty stock. but if they're trying to go the 'industry hangout' route i assume they'll pick it up, they've only been open like a month i guess

        1. re: aser

          Def was not a super hipster crowd the few times I've been, but I've never been there when it was really busy.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Went last night, had the wings, rice, squash poutine, mackerel, and one bite of the loosey. I enjoyed the wings and the poutine but I could take a pass on the other items. The mackerel needed to be torched more in my opinion and I don't really enjoy cold mackerel, the rice was lacking for me in heat and salt, and my one bite of the loosey was underwhelming.

            However, those wings are great. Next time I will see if they can significantly up the heat level but other than that loved them.

            I had the bullet cocktail and it was just ok. For me it needed more a bourbon kick.

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            1. re: JennaBean

              I really like the loosey. Have had the pork ssam a few times, and its really good.

              1. re: szw

                Different strokes for different folks I suppose. The served said the loosey was their take on a big mac. I didn’t really get that, but as I said, I only had one bite. I don’t eat a lot of red meat on the whole so I save the real eating of it for the best stuff I can get in my mouth!

                But I did like those wings and if they could make them hot I would be tres stoked!

            2. Went last week, had the loosey, steamed bun, squash poutine, torched mackerel, bulgogi cheesesteak, pretty much everything Chris Nuttall Smith told me to.

              Everything was great although I should have ordered slightly differently - the loosey and the bulgogi cheesesteak are both really tasty but quite similar at the end of the day.

              Prices are reasonable, service friendly, ambience very Ossingtonish. Go!