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Jan 8, 2013 08:59 PM

Chef Chiu's (Los Altos)

Gave this place another shot, since we live basically next door. What a pleasant surprise... We got the Peking Duck 3-ways, and it was fantastic. Fragrant, crisp skin with only the slightest bit of fat left, meat separated into sizeable pile, complete with bao, sauce and green onion spears. Then a dish of stirfried bean sprouts + duck meat, which were excellent. And finally a duck soup, chockful of tofu, Napa and vermicelli. For $42, maybe a little pricey, but a very worthy rendition of a personal fave.

We also had a steamed fish fillet in ginger / scallion that was suberbly executed along with other dishes that were fine but not as notable.

on a totally unrelated note, the Cara Cara oranges this year are to die for. Juicy, with just the right balance of tart / sweet and that unique flavor . I've been getting htem at the farmer's market in MV.

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  1. Still my favorite place for American style Chinese. Only problem lately has been the small fruit flies in the Dining Room and the general need for a spring cleaning. Wife prefers that I get the food to go. Best mu shu pork around.

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    1. re: sricha

      Ditto on the Mu Shu Pork. While some parts of the menu have on the decline for some time, the Mu Shu Pork hits the spot each time, has ample wok hay and the paper thin pancakes to wrap them in.

    2. Do they still require a 4-hour advance notice on the order of a Peking Duck?

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        they technically do, but always have a few spares. The day I got in, we did not pre-order and they told me we got the "last one". then, miraculously, the table behind me asked about the duck and they got the last one as well!