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Jan 8, 2013 08:56 PM

Ice Wine Festival - Niagara - including Chuck Hughes/Anna Olson in Jordan this weekend

The Ice Wine is starting up this weekend. Including free cooking demos from Chuck Hughes and Anna Olson this weekend:

General Niagara Ice Wine festival site:

I didn't go last year but went for a few years before that. Overall a fun outing. Both the Niagara on the Lake and the Jordan weekends are fun because you can try a bunch of different things at a "Festival" type atmosphere. But, definitely make it out to some wineries as well.

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  1. Went yesterday and I have to say I didn't enjoy it as much as when I went a few years ago. They seem to be nickle and diming you for everything now. 2 Tokens to see the cooking demos??? They advertised all over that Chuck Hughes/ Anna Olson would be there. I didn't see once where they said that there was a cost to see the cooking demo. Plus, they weren't offering samples of any food after the demo so you were just paying $6 to see Chuck Hughes (don't know how it went today with Anna/Michael but I imagine the same).

    I was not impressed and out of principal I didn't pay to see him.

    I usually like food trucks as well, or the idea of them, but, I found that the generators running at the various food trucks were kind of annoying to what in the past for me was a more relaxing festival (I hadn't been in a few years).

    A couple of improvements - they used re-usable coins for tokens, which is better than the old school paper tickets (which are easy to lose, or to forget about!).

    Seemed like less food options than a few years ago as well. I did try some ice wine, reds, and mead so overall on the drink level it was interesting.

    My most interesting find though was Dillon's Distillery - small batch distilling. I will post a separate thread on this if there isn't one already. Definitely worth checking out and I can see them getting very popular. Great taste on the rye, vodka and gin.

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      Dillon's is also making their own bitters. Pear bitters, whee!