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Jan 8, 2013 08:33 PM

Foodie looking for good eats at less $$ in Vegas

I will be in Vegas for my birthday celebration, and am looking for a good restaurant. I was thinking about Border Grill, but have seen posts discouraging that restaurant. I love food, but am looking to spend in the lower (?) $20 range for entrees.
Also looking for other general suggestions for good food at less of a price. We are staying downtown, but will certainly visit the strip.
Any suggestions?

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  1. Honey Salt
    Eat (Breakfast/Lunch only)
    Due Forni
    Lotus of Siam
    China Poblano

    1. My friends rave about LeThai downtown.

      1. PUB at ARIA for pastrami
        Holsteins for burgers and amazing shakes

        My question is do you want a younger crowd or a bit more formal atmosphere that is a bit less loud?

        1. If you're staying downtown you could easily get to Mundo, which is in your price range but only at Happy Hour. They have cheap beer & good cocktails at $4 to $7 and 15 to 20 food choices under $10 , I think it's 4 to 7pm weeknights but call or check the website.

          On South Strip, Mandalay Place mall, there is Burger Bar which also has a good affordable happy hour. Get the Fat Fries and dipping sauces!

          1. After a late night of fun hit Tiffany's Cafe on the North end of the Strip. A real live greasy spoon with good food, great prices, and big portions. Looks like areal dive, but give them a try. My friends and I eat there quite often.

            EAT recently opened Downtown-breakfast , lunch