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Rehearsal dinner for 20 near Fort Mason Chapel- any type of cuisine, mid-price point [San Francisco]

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Hello, my daughter is getting married in April 2013 and we are looking for a great restaurant, mid-price point for 20 to hold the rehearsal dinner. An area in the vicinity of Fort Mason would be perfect. ... any suggestions will be helpful ? thank you very much!

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  1. Dixie in the Presidio 10 minutes away

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      Michelle, is that you? Michael W, aka Cinecityposters.

    2. thank you ! this looks like a great option.

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      1. re: supper_hound

        Presideo Social club also

      2. We just ate at Dixie's and LOVED it. IMO the restaurant looked better than the Social Club.

        1. thank you for the update!

          any one been to Alegrias?

          1. A16's back room can hold 22.