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Jan 8, 2013 08:17 PM

REDs on Adelaide - Bizzare

I walked in to DEAFENING "music"
Front desk staff were very welcoming and took my coat.
My guests and I decided to head upstairs to our dinner table rather than hang around at the deafening bar where we'd have to YELL at each other.
Lobster Rolls were great, soup of the day was a Thai style thing, it was less than lukewarm, it was very greasy, and it had zero flavour - I sent it back and it was taken off the bill.
Service was well meaning but inept. The main courses came before we had finished our lobster rolls. And get this, the server actually shoved my friend's unfinished appetizer plate across the table with his elbow so that he could put down the main plate. The cutlery went flying. The offer of fresh pepper arrived about ten minutes after we'd started eating.
Lamb Tagine was New Zealand lamb - I was surprised that it wasn't Ontario lamb. The meat was tender, as expected in this treatment, but the dish featured way too much sweetness. There was a red jam like substance smeared on the top. This dish was also served barely lukewarm.
My friends enjoyed their Nova Scotia scalllops and the burger.
Do not order matchstick fries as a side order, they are over cooked, as are the fries which are hideously dark brown.
Overall, way too expensive for what you get, and uncomfortably loud.

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  1. Hopefully the space at least looked nice... I know they recently did a big reno. I went there a few years ago and faired much better but I guess things can change... Weird about the loud music... guess they are trying to attract an after work drinks crowd in the bar area?