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Jan 8, 2013 07:04 PM

Gung Ho (San Francisco)

Wanted to note a great lunch a couple of weeks ago at a new place called Gung Ho, at 680 8th Street (furniture district/potrero hill). Apparently this is the permanent location of Seoul Patch, which was a pop up.

We both had korean fried chicken sandwiches ($11), which came with a generous portion of double fried boneless thigh meat that was juicy, crispy, and seemingly fresh from the fryer. It was served on a soft bun with a daikon slaw and a spicy sauce that seemed to be gochujang. This was better than I expected--a nice twist on a fried chicken sandwich, a little bit sweet, a little bit spicey, and a little bit tangy. This was good, though it didn't reach the heights of sandwich heaven.

We also ordered sides of brussels sprouts and nori fries ($4 each). The fries were tasty and maybe even fresh cut (can't remember now), and were served with a homemade "Korean ketchup" which was (I think) the same as the gochujang that was on the kfc sandwich. They were tasty but a little too salty. The brussels on the other hand were fantastic, and would be my primary reason to return. Well caramelized, salty but in a good way, and tender. The order was a large portion, yet we ate every one.

I would return for more brussels as well as to try their ramen and bibimbap, both of which looked very good as they passed by us on their way to other tables. They have a different menu for lunch and dinner, including a different prep of the Brussels sprouts than what we had at lunch.

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  1. Thanks for the report! I'm looking forward to trying this place.

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      Tried it last night. Overall, pretty good, though the meal wound up being a bit pricy.

      Chicken wings were my favorite, with a shatteringly crispy skin and a light sweet soy sauce.

      Pork belly sandwich was good but wasn't too exciting for me. I feel like there are a million Asian sandwich places these days and this one didn't particularly stand out.

      Persimmon Caesar salad was creative and the persimmon was ripe and sweet. Bits of nori in it were a bit peculiar for me but I appreciated the creativity anyway.

      Steak bibimbap was good but not much better than bibimbap anywhere else. The steak was of good quality and had great flavor, which is why it had a $15 price tag. But I expect to be wowed when a rice based dish is this expensive, and I wasn't. Also, the fried egg was overlooked, so no runny yolk.

      With two beers and no dessert, total bill for 2 was $52 before tip. Might try to go back for lunch next time. Also, there was a fried calamari dish that sounded really interesting.

    2. I stopped by this week and had the chicken "sando" and I was also impressed with the flavoring. The side salad was light and tasty with the sesame seeds. The portion wasn't huge but it was more than filling.

      My friend also enjoyed his sando. Tried the kim chi fried rice also and it wasn't bad, but it was a bit bland considering how many ingredients were in it.

      The hard cider was also worth mentioning since it looked like it had Soju in it. Good on a cold day.