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Jan 8, 2013 06:19 PM

Bayard Market.

Is this the coolest store in NY or what? They've got everything from quail crocodile at Chinatown prices in a shockingly hygienic setting. Pretty much every pork part is accounted for there, along with assorted chickens (including Silkies), partridge, snapping turtle, the inevitable worried-looking frogs, and a busy prepared food section.

It was too crowded too ask questions last time I was there, so I'll throw this one out... anyone know why what "Beef Frank" is (it's not a hot dog), and why it's called that?

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  1. You can thank Chinglish

    Just a guess...but I think it's really a Navel Plate Beef Cut used for soups and casseroles/stews.....aka...*Flank*. It's always sold with the rubbery connective tissue/tendon/cartilage. When braised tender, it's actually pretty good. It reminds me of Brisket....but not what most call Flank.

    Flank tendon´╝Ü dense connective tissue derived from between nmusculi obliquus

    I'm not sure it's forequarter or hindquarter flank.

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      Thanks, 4. It did look a bit briskety.