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Jan 8, 2013 05:22 PM

Portland Area Restaurants of Days Gone By....

What are some of your favorite memories of restaurants that no longer exist? They don't have to be good restaurants, just gone. I have three that remind me of when I was a kid...

1. York's Steakhouse at the mall....the dessert portion of that long buffet counter was the best part (I was about 6);

2. Wassen's Grove (sp?) on Route 100 in Falmouth/Gray - best burgers ever;

3. A place on Congress Street across from Porteous. It became D'Angelos at one point then an Asian takeout place. Could have been a Deering Ice Cream...I remember going there after shopping with my mom. They had multi-colored school-style kids chairs. Loved it!

Anyone else with similar childhood memories (and an amazement about how far Portland has come in the restaurant field)?

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  1. Hell yeah, my type of thread.

    I too was a little kid during York's steakhouse at the mall but remember sliding the tray down and then getting to pick out dessert, either pudding or jello. Tobacco store next to it with the indian in it and they had green lockers with orange key slots on them outside. Friendly's was great in there too.

    Deering Ice Cream on Forest Ave. Had the three kid's sundaes. Clown, mouse, and............bear?

    Pancake Kitchen somewhere on congress or near civic center. Not sure if Duffy's pancake place was the same. I know you could go down the stairs and they had a jukebox and awesome silver dollar pancakes.

    In Westbrook there was Shakey's pizza and then it turned into Sgt. Pepperoni's....or vice versa. It was like the ground round of pizza.

    Carbur's or whatever it was called in the old port was where I hate my first date meal.

    Let's not forget Go Go Burger/Burger Stop on Forest Ave

    Howard Johnson's out in Falmouth

    New York Deli at the Rainbow Mall. Great french toast and it was the first place I played arcade pacman.

    1. Valle's Steak House back before it became the bad Valle's.

      the original Esposito's

      Espan's Quick Lunch

      Howard Johnson's with the cone shaped ice cream scoop

      Was Carbur's the one with the 20-page menu?

      1. hah.. given the current foodie scene in Portland this is NOT where I expected the convo to go.

        But I too fondly remember York's steakhouse... Burlington Mall, MA

        Tell me more about Vallees... before my time

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          Valle's was a chain of New England steakhouses, 20 or so of them, one of the first was at 660 Forest Avenue in Portland and I think they later expanded to a larger location on Brighton Avenue.

          A google will usually find one of their old menus on ebay or amazon, $3.95 full pound sirloin dinner!

        2. I still miss Hu Shang...and F.Parker Reidy's!

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          1. I remember eating at Perfetto's fresh out of college in the mid-90's and thinking I was living pretty high off the hog.

            And bars of days gone by? Don't even get me started...