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Jan 8, 2013 04:52 PM

Winter Dinner Party Dessert (for larger crowd)

Having dinner party for 12; serving cioppino and thinking of wine poached pears with marscapone (michael chiarello) for dessert. Any suggestions for a make ahead favorite for winter time?

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  1. Tiramisu may be nice.

    Once for a large dinner party I made a couple of Tarts. One was a Poached pear tart. I Made the pears, and prepped them and the pastry the day before. I just rolled and assembled it fairly quickly (I'm fairly good with pastry dough) and put it into the oven. You could bake the dough a bit, add the pears, half bake it, and then finish when you need dessert.

    1. I make a delicious coffee cheesecake . There is never a crumb left.

      1. Chocolate mousse in demitasse cups? Bit of whipped cream on top.

        1. Affogato along with several types of biscotti and maybe some yummy truffles.

          1. variation on winter fruit - baked apples (core, add butter that has incorporated brown sugar, dried cranberries, a touch of cinnamon), in pan with enough cider to wet the bottom, top with a splash of maple syrup, serve with a dollop of creme fraiche or vanilla ice cream - winter comfort food at it's finest.