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Jan 8, 2013 04:17 PM

Went to the new Fairway...

I went to the new Fairway in Kips Bay, and was thinking of RGR (is he still here?) as he was an old-time poster who I think lived in that area.

I guess I feel so negative about Fairway these days largely because I can remember when they use to be relatively cheap, at least with their featured produce. (It reminds me of my father who used to say that he remembered Barney's from before it was trendy.) It somehow seemed nervy to open a major new store yet not have anything promotional going on. Perhaps it was a bad indicator that the only two price-signs I saw both had misspellings. (How can you misspell "mozzarella" when it's right there on the label?) The Cabot butter which was supposedly on special was a dollar more than it is at my local chain on sale. The only upside is that the staff was in a better mood than the UWS store, and mostly English-speaking.

So, how long do you think it'll be before it drives Todaro out of business?

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  1. I always walk right and right out of Fairway. I just don't like them.

    1. Todaro has a loyal customer following. I doubt if it will drive them out of business. It might force Todaro to have some Specials. Fairway, is planning on going public. They are doing whatever they can to build profits. I have not been to the new Kips Bay store , but the Douglaston 56000 sq ft store was impressive.They do have promotional sales, and they are usually chain wide. I am surprised that on a new store opening they didn't have a bunch of Buy one get one frees. The new Key Food that opened by South St seaport on Fulton St, had much higher quality items than they used to have in the old store, and lots of great sales.

      1. " It somehow seemed nervy to open a major new store yet not have anything promotional going on."

        They offered a coupon handed out upon entry.

        It's not one of the better Fairways.... Todaro deserves the competition.

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          I used to live in the neighborhood, and Todaro definitely deserves the competition since their prices were ridiculously high. All we had was Gristedes (too expensive) and Food Emporium nearby. I think Fairway is a wonderful addition. It's been a great addition to my new neighborhood on 86th Street.