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Jan 8, 2013 02:38 PM

Private Room for a Baby Shower in or near Boston

I'm looking for a restaurant or boutique-y hotel that has a private room that would be a good choice for a baby shower. I live in Chicago I'm so at a huge disadvantage! I'm guessing it will be for approx 25-30 people. Any special location ideas?

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  1. I hosted a baby shower in the zebra room at UpStairs on the Square in Harvard Square and it was absolutely lovely. It's kind of a long narrow room which could have been weird but wasn't. We did it over afternoon tea which was perfect - lots of sweet and savory snacks for everyone...and tea.

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        I also specifically clicked on this thread to recommend Upstairs on the Square.

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          Can you give me any information Re: the difference between The Monday Club Room and The Zebra Room at Upstairs on the Square?

          1. re: achoo

            No, I've only been to the zebra room, but it is perfect for this kind of thing.

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        thank you- it looks great-
        appreciate the help

      3. The Cottage in Chestnut Hill has a really nice shower-friendly space (

        Also the Elephant Walk on Mass. Ave. in Cambridge.

        You can find a listing of private dining venues in the Boston area here:

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          thanks very much- I tried to see photos of The Cottage in Chestnut Hill but nothing on their website- the menu looks very good so I think I will ask my son to check it out- appreciate the help

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