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Jan 8, 2013 02:09 PM

Restaurant Deals by Day in Brooklyn?

I've been meaning for some time now to compile a list of all the restaurant deals available by day. The website Wined & Dined has something like this, but it's outdated and includes Manhattan (and really... who wants to go there?). So I'm putting it out there - what deals do you guys know of?

For example:
Sunday: Sunday Supper at 606 R&D ($25 for 3 courses)
Monday: $25 for 3 courses at Buttermilk Channel; $9 Burger Night at James
Tuesday: $12.50 for all you can eat mussels and frites at Le Gamin on Vanderbilt
Wednesday: All you can eat shrimp & beer for $30 at Bklyn Fish Camp

What do you got?

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  1. Colandrea New Corner's Restaurant in Dyker Hts at 72nd St. and 8th ave. is old school Italian with $14. and $18. lunch specials,depending on whether you'd like a glass of wine or not.Family owned forever, extremely warm and friendly and just delicious food.Love it there (if only I could get them to hang their pictures in a straight line.)

    1. Not for a permanent list, but March 11-21 is Brooklyn Restaurant week. $23.08 Lunch and $28 Dinner (3 course)

      1. Thursdays: All-you-can-eat mussels $15 at Chez Lola and Oyster Specials (inc. dozen for $18) at Chez Oskar
        Tuesday: AYCE mussels $14 at Chez Oskar