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Jan 8, 2013 01:48 PM

Lunch Between USS Arizona Memorial & Honolulu Art Museum?

We'll be in need of a quick bite between our tours of the USS Arizona Memorial and Doris Duke's Shangri-La, which departs from the Honolulu Museum of Art. Should we just eat at the museum? Or is there a good quick place along the way between the two? Thanks!

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  1. art museum's food is reputed to be good.

    between the arizona and artmuseum, there is everything. i would suggest zippy's to be a quick in/out - there are multiple locations along the way. basically familiar diner food with local style food as well. i like the saimin, and their chili is a hawaiian favorite. i think it's decent. ask for a sample. zippys have indoor restaurants and also takeout with seating areas, usually outside.

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      The food is pretty good but I found it to be way overpriced for what it was. We ate there after the tour and it was pretty disappointing. That and we had reservations, stated we were coming after the tour and the bus got stuck in a bit of traffic and they rushed us through lunch and had the attitude that they were doing us a favor by serving us when they wanted to close up. I think for the fast turnaround that you need Zippy's probably would be a good idea, I never eat there myself but I think it would fulfill your needs.

    2. Museum cafe is pleasant, but not if you are in a rush.

      La Tour Cafe on Nimitz has great sandwiches and is right on the way into town from the to Lowe's, but on the opposite side of the highway.

      You would have also just passed Pier 38, and lunch at Nico's or Uncles should be pretty quick.

      Would pick either of those over Zippy's for chow, but if time is really tight, Zippy's is probably the best choice...also on Nimitz a block or two past the above options, and easy in and out.

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        i had lunch at uncle's about a week ago, but we had to wait for seats for about ten minutes, plus for the food to come after we ordered. i had the poke tower, and i highly recommend it.

        haven't been to nicos yet, but some mentioned that it's cheaper than uncles. both places are known primarily for seafood.

      2. This is really helpful—thanks all!

        1. Indelible is on the spot if you really mean 'quick bite', it's fast food, it's local, and a decent value for the price. Most zippy's have both a take out counter (with seating area) and a dine-in table service restaurant.

          A little harder to find, but also easy to get to is Sugoi's - they close around 3, but that should still work. HUGE plate lunch, good prices, good food.

          LaTour and Nico's are both great suggestions, Uncles is good, but I find it takes about a half hour longer there than at Nicos. Those two are within 50 yards of each other, and LaTour is just across the Highway. Tanaka's Saimin is right next to LaTour, it gets good to mixed reviews. Bangkok Chef is in the same building, but I had a not great experience there. Meh food, lousy service, and very slow.

          About a block west (ewa) of the Museum is a japanese noodle place, Tai Sei Ramen on Beretania. Not Honolulu's best, but quite decent. Other than that there really isn't much in the immediate area of the museum except for Burger King and McDonalds about a block east (diamond head) but I'd rather send you a block further down young street to Zippy's.

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            i've had great food from bangkok chef on nuuanu, have not tried the one on nimitz. decent prices and american palate friendly.

            tanaka saimin has horrible saimin, the soup is very shrimpy and the noodles were thinner than i'm used to. texture drier and not as chewy as i like. the other food there looked very good, however, and there is a huge selection, probably comparable to zippys..

          2. Well if in the Nimitz neighborhood/area I agree certainly with Nico's. Siam Garden in the same little strip mall by New Eagle would be good as well. I've had many lunches at Siam Garden and never have been disappointed. I love New Eagle for sentimental reasons and have always had a nice meal there as well.

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              i forgt about new eagle. i like it a lot. they have a killer philly cheesesteak (prime rib!)