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ISO Venue for Cocktail Party/Reception for 150+ near convention center

The trick is that it cannot be a hotel ballroom or at the convention center (rooftops are okay, but nothing at the Marriott or Loews), cannot be a chain restaurant, and must be within walking distance (around 1/2 mile max) from the Marriott.

Restaurant or bar buyouts tend to work well, but other interesting venues that I can bring in a caterer are also great. Really looking for a place that you would want to go to, even if you weren't just in the area for a convention.

Was interested in The Franklin, even though it's on the far side of my walking-distance limit, until I saw that they can only accommodate 60.

Locals, what would you suggest?

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  1. National Constitution Center?

    There are other potentially wonderful venues for an event like this in Philly (Art Museum, Barnes, Kimmel, College of Physicians), none within walking distance unfortunately

    1. Penn owns a private club called the Mask and Wig. Its great for private parties, (and any Penn alums may remember it) It is 6 tenths of a mile according to Google Maps. They have a full bar there, and a catering company that can arrange food. Truly a great location. Max accommodation is 200.


      I know the Barnes Museum is now available for private functions, especially in the evening. Again a bit further than you wish to travel.

      1. You might want to consider Valanni. Perfect for a cocktail party. I know they do packages. Not a big place, but they may be able to work with 150. I think it's Spruce and 12th, so definitely within walking.

        1. The Reading Terminal! We had our wedding party there and I have nothing but wonderful things to say!


          1. Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. Across the street from the convention center.

            1. We attended several functions at the Constitution Center. Very impressive and interesting. It's five blocks away.

              1. Crystal Tea room In the Wannamaker Building is an amazing space,I know you said no to the Marriott but they have two
                ballrooms in the ReadingTerminal Headhouse.

                1. You might look at the WHYY studios or the Mutter Museum/College of Physicians for interesting locations.

                  I had my wedding at Top of the Tower and view couldn't be beat (the food was great as well, and it was BYOB).

                  1. I would contact Stephen Starr catering to see if any of there restaurants could do it. The Continental Midtown has an awesome rooftop deck! I once did a really cool coctail party for 100 at the bar at the Lowes hotel- not a ballroom but a cool space. I have also thrown a party at Moshulu- but that may be a little more than half mile. Cescaphe Event Group has some cool spaces too.

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                      Does Stephen Starr still do catering events in the old Tangerine location (3rd and Market)? That's probably over the geography limit too, but just a thought.

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                        Cescaphe has the Vie space just up Broad St from the Convention Center. Same development as Route 6 and Alla Spina.

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                          If you are going to do Cescaphe, go for the atrium space in the Curtis Center on 7th and Walnut Sts.


                      2. Another place to consider is the Independence Visitor Center across from Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell. It has a nice space on the second floor overlooking the mall. It has been a few years but I have been to a couple of nice events there.