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Jan 8, 2013 12:54 PM

bread machines

how does it crust on the bread......with so much moister inside. Wouldnt the bread be kind of soggy bec. there is no where for the moisture /steam to go?

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  1. I have not noticed a problem. Just enjoyed the results. The only annoying aspect of the bread machine is the hole left by the paddle. Breadman has come out with a machine with collapsing paddles; and now Breville has one also (looks nearly identical so mayby it is made by Breadman). I have not seen or used the newer machine but it may be something to look into. In any even, the bread is good. Some folks may use the machine only for the kneading and rising then transfer to a traditional loaf pan and place in oven for baking.

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      I just ordered that Breville and will be getting it in a couple weeks, will see how well it does.

      Another thing I know a lot of people do is just use the bread machine to knead and proof the bread, then they take the dough out and bake it in the oven to develop a better crust.

      I will be doing a combination of everything I would expect.

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        Looking forward to your report; especially regarding the folding paddles.

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          Realistically it will probably be 4-6 weeks before I make the first loaf. It is being shipped to Canada and said 4-5 weeks delivery, it began almost 2 weeks ago. I am going to Canada in 2 weeks, for 3, and then I need to get it shipped to Japan. Not sure if I will try it while I am in Canada, but the day I get it in Japan I absolutely will make bread. I have all my ingredients ready. Somewhere around the middle of February.

          It is an expensive unit, and the only reason I got it was because I could get it for free with about to expire airmiles, and it seemed to have pretty decent reviews.

    2. I have now made 2 loaves with my Breville so definitely have much more testing to do, but I have made one basic white bread and one crusty french loaf, and both impressed me. The crusty french one especially. It has maintained a crusty outside and is nice and light on the inside.

      My bread tastes slightly yeasty, but I am really really not measuring things well at all as I have no measuring items at all, so one I get some measuring cups and then start to play around with it I think I will be even more impressed.

      Mine has vents on the side to answer your specific question so I guess it just bakes it that way and releases and steam.

      1. I've owned a Breadman Ultimate for several years now and only now am I getting any regular use out of it. The recipes in the manual simply don't work and the recipes online are frustrating because each machine is different.
        Finally, I carefully split Cooks Illustrated Honey Whole Wheat in half and that's working for me. But really, I had a lot of failures.

        I hate hate hate the hole in the center. And it's not a hole it's a huge crater with the paddle stuck deep inside. Finally, I sat down and carefully looked through the manual and there are precise times for every step. So quite literally, at 2 hours 25 minutes, it has done its last knead and that's when I'm standing by to to take the paddle out. Now there's just a tiny hole which I can tolerate.

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          I have the breville custom loaf machine which has a folding paddle to help eliminate this problem. It still leaves a tiny hole but it doesn't bother me at all, probably the same size if i removed the paddle entirely. The reipes seem to work so far, just need personalized tweaking, but again I have only made 2 so far, third will be tonight, might try just a dough and make buns.

        2. ive been using the panasonic machine since 2007, at the time it had the best reviews on amazon and does product better results than my mums other brand machine.

          the bread doesnt go soggy and produces a loaf/crumb i will call adequate.
          i have never been able to achieve a crispy crust in the machine, infact the only parts of the loaf that do crisp are the sides in contact with the pan and thats not a nice crust. as the pan is heated from the bottom, the top of the loaf never gets sufficiently browned to form a crispy crust and produces a loaf with hard side walls and a soft top.
          the crumb structure is uncontrollably variable, it will nearly always come out ok and edible but because you cant degas or control the rise time it will often come out too 'cakey' or open, or sometimes too dense if it hasnt risen fast enough before the bake cycle starts.
          its a bit of a one trick pony too, i havent found hardly any variation in the french bread, ciabatta etc programmes. the fast loaf does produce a denser crumb quite like supermarket bread.

          i do use the machine almost everyday but just for kneeding, not only bread dough but also pasta dough. i let it knead for 10 minutes before bedtime, leave it in a covered bowl overnight, degas and shape in to a loaf in the morning, leave to rise then bake. to get a crisp crust from a 400-500gram (of flour used) loaf, it needs to bake for 45-50 minutes at about 230c, any less than that and steam from remaining moisture inside will soften the crust after it comes out.
          alternatively you can do the 10min knead in the machine, form in to rolls, let rise for about an hour to double in size, then bake (15min, ~20 for crusty).

          to me its worth using the oven as it doesnt take long and the results are so much better, but the machine's strength is it makes adequate plain sandwich bread type loafs automatically.