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Jan 8, 2013 12:42 PM

Food at work

Some of you may know me from the post "I Cannot Eat "Strangers'" Food"
in which I divulged a family phobia of not being able to eat at potluck dinners, bake sales, holiday parties at work where people bring in homemade food, etc.

This post is sort of an offshoot/pet peeve. I work for a very large nationally known company at their headquarters in NYC. There are over 100 people just on my floor alone. We occupy almost 10 floors in this building. Today, I walked into our pantry on my floor to find this! (see picture) Really. Is this appetizing at all? It seems whenever there is a meeting of the higher ups and food is catered, the leftovers get left in the pantry for people to "fight" over. I have actually been know to even eat some of this once in a while when it looks good and I know where it is from. But this? The crumbs on the table? Who would put this out and think anyone would want to eat it? And more often than not, this is the kind of stuff that gets left out. You should see a cake after people have been at it! Is there no respect for food anymore?

Or am I just crazy?

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  1. Looks like someone took it out of it's original container and plopped it on that plate.

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    1. re: juliejulez

      Probably what was left over from a much larger multi-serving container. Trashed the bulky container, placed the remaining single(?) serving on a plate.

      Yeah, I wouldn't eat it, but from what I've seen, I'm sure someone will, so at least they were kind enough to leave it out for those less grossed out.

      By the way, I suffer from the same phobia. I can't even eat at buffets.

    2. I feel you. Sometimes I make scones and put a plate of them near the espresso machine for staff. People will walk by the plate and pick off a chunk of a scone, leaving the remnants on the plate, presumably for everyone else to pick at. Jeezus, people, just take one! Or don't, but who wants half eaten mangled pastry? I think it is kind of rude and gross.

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      1. re: babette feasts

        How awful, maybe cut them in halves and quarters beforehand.

        1. re: Custardly

          When I put out baked goods from home I always leave a few plastic knives next to the plate so people get the idea. Some people can really be animals and it disgusts me.

        2. re: babette feasts

          Yeah, the same at my work - people do it to donuts. Even though they cut donuts, still gross, especially when there is no knife in sight. Sheesh, just take whole and throw away what's left.

        3. That was a dumb thing to leave out. Kind of insulting, I agree with you Maybe somebody took most of a salad and left the "crumbs" behind so they could tell themselves they didn't eat it all.

          1. I understand. I work at a corporate office for a major company as well. On our floor we have the largest conference room so we get all the visiting national groups as well as any larger functions.

            I think most of the time it's with the best intentions to put the left over catered food in the break room for us. Like saying "Hey thanks for letting us use your conference room, and being noisy and causing such foot traffic, etc. "

            Sometimes its nice. I don't mind a nice platter of Petits Fours or a fruit platter intact. We see a lot of sandwich making platters which are fine provided everyone be neat enough not to destroy it.

            What I see looks like the leafy greens of a salad no one wanted to eat. and it's sloppy.

            Someone brought in catfood once. I think it was an effort to give away food of a cat that had passed or they no longer had. But many jokes were made of that.

            Also my husband was working in New Orleans during Mardi Gras and he brought me a king cake to take to work. I brought a nice knife that would cut it nicely and everyone was neat. One problem no one would own up to having the baby. And then I laughed due to our large ethnic employee population wondered if they didn't understand why there was a baby in the cake. I probably scared someone to death. LOL

            1. I like potlucks and have no issue with sharing leftover food but that unappetizing mess is rather insulting. Donuts, cookies, sandwiches, no problem, but keep it neat.