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Jan 8, 2013 12:03 PM

I've researched but still need some dinner suggestions

After doing research on this board etc., I'm trying to fill our food itinerary for a 4 night stay at Mandalay Bay for the end of January and would appreciate any feedback you could give.

Our first dinner that I have booked is Sage. For a tasting menu, but not in the e budget and not Raku due to my SO's ambivalence towards sushi, is Sage a solid choice?

We are doing Firefly on Sunday because we have to do a ridiculously early dinner (around 4PM) due to an event starting at 6PM and there aren't too many options at that hour on a Sunday - unless I'm missing something?

Besides those two dinners, the only other meals I feel sure about are LOS for lunch, Eat for lunch, Hash House a Go Go for breakfast, and Bread and Butter for breakfast.

I wanted to find a quality lunch spot for take-out during our stay (going to Red Rock Canyon a few times and wanted to bring some food along for the day) and was considering Pura Vida.

For one dinner, I am looking for a place that pairs good food with a really good beer selection, therefore I was thinking Public House at the Venetian. The beer selection at Aces and Ales looks good, but I wasn't sure about the food. Is Public House the way to go or is there somewhere else I should be looking at?

Finally, we have one last dinner. I was thinking Forte Tapas or Honey Salt. I know they're wildly different from eachother, but is one a better choice than the other? We are pretty open in terms of cuisine (except for the aforementioned ambivalence of my SO to sushi beyond the typical tuna and salmon rolls) and would like to keep the price point at below $150-ish for 2, in case there is a better option out there.

Thanks in advance for anyone out there that has suggestions or recommendations.

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  1. Sage is an excellent choice. I had a great dinner at Sage last year, and have already made another dinner reservation at Sage when I return to LV in 2 months.

    1. At Mandalay Bay you have two Charlie Palmer restaurants - Aureole and Steak - both of which are interesting. The Steak restaurant does a $45 cut of the week menu which includes wine - in addition to a la carte. On the way out to Red Rock Canyon you drive along Charleston and there is a Baja Fresh restaurant there - it's a chain but they do great fish tacos and other good menu items - if you want cheap and good takeout on your way to the Canyon you could do worse. Sage is also definitely worth a visit.

      1. You may want to reconsider Raku. There is plenty of non sushi on the menu. The Hash House A Go Go on West Sahara is the best location in Las Vegas.

        1. One point: only a fraction of Raku's menu is sashimi (and there is no sushi at all). If that is what's keeping you from going there, you might want to reconsider.