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Jan 8, 2013 11:48 AM


Anyone here have experience with Saravanna Bhavan on 26th and lex? Vegetarian friend is in town, and looking for an inexpensive place to go thats something a little different from the typical veggie fare. Friend has never had south indian, but is an adventurous eater who is always willing to try something new.

Thanks for your replies!


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    1. I've always liked their food, but you should know before you go that you may be waiting 30 minutes for your check when you want it, etc.

      Another vegetarian restaurant I've liked in the neighborhood is Chennai Garden. Madras Mahal is also good, though perhaps a shade less delicious.

      (Caveat: It's probably been a year and a half or more since I've been to any of these places.)

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      1. re: Pan

        Last time I was in this neighborhood, I was appalled to see some of the health grades. Hopefully it has improved.

        We enjoy Saravannas but I would stick to the dosas, which are delicious.

      2. I love Saravannas dosas.

        But they also make another dish which is great called "adai avail" - a sort of pancake from lentil flour. A tad greasy, but very tasty.

        Dosas across the street at Anjappar also were terrific last week.

        1. Good dosas, but not as good as in the past.

          Service is always comically bad, and the standard there is rushing you through the meal, then ignoring you when you want to pay and leave.

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          1. re: sugartoof

            Ah that's too bad. It's been a year since I was there, and then the dosa was excellent.

          2. I've been to the one on the upper west side and I thoroughly enjoyed it.