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Jan 8, 2013 11:39 AM

Please help me decide - or give me more choices

I am heading to Atlanta on business and discovered (thanks for the info!) that the area I'm staying in is mostly a culinary wasteland. I will be staying at the Embassy Suites at Centennial Park and I won't have a car. I don't mind taking a cab to get to some restaurants, but I can't go crazy on the spending. My per diem is $60 a day -- mostly spent on dinner.

I'm looking for 3 dinner spots that I can reach by a short taxi ride. I would love to go to Holeman and Finch, but I think it is too far away and would cost $18 or so each way by taxi.

On my list right now are the following:

Lunacy Black Market
JCT Kitchen -- been there before
Rathbuns -- been there before
South City Kitchen -- been there before for lunch

What do you think of my choices? Any place I should add/drop? What would be your top 3 choices?

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  1. Are you willing to ride MARTA (light rail)? If so, you could expand your horizons greatly...Empire State South and Ecco in the midtown area; Iberian Pig and Cakes and Ales in Decatur to name just a few.

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    1. re: carolinadawg

      If I can figure it out I would try it. Is it safe at night for a single female?

      1. re: Disneyfreak

        I think so, but it depends on things like level of travel savvy, experience in similar situations, personal level of comfort, etc.

        1. re: Disneyfreak

          Marta is safe. You could take it to the Decatur station and you'll be right in the middle of downtown Decatur - there are lots of places there that would be in your price range.

      2. the area around embassy is tricky after dark, so i wouldnt be walking around and im 6-4 220lbs.Bones is a very good steak house as well. Veni Vidi Vinci is another good one.Empire State South is excellent.

        1. You are close to the Westside which is rapidly becoming a culinary destination. Abbatoir was my favorite meal last year, great new young chef. The Optimist (Esquire's best new restaurant of the year) and Miller Union are both in the area as well.

          1. I'd agree with the Marta suggestion to Decatur. Quick, easy, and safe. Favorites: Iberian Pig, No. 246, and Cakes and Ale. Plus you can walk around and shop.

            1. I would also check out Alma Cocina downtown if you enjoy Mexican.