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Franco Trattoria in Up-Town Whittier. Hoped for the best expecting the worst

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so we were hungry from a full day of counter productivity and plenty of much needed rest.

the plan was to patronize the Bottle Room but seating there is somewhat limited and the place was occupied to capacity when we arrived.

a hunger and thirst induced plan B was El Pescador so we began to walk down the street, then we came to our senses and decided NAAAH.

the plan quickly became Chris n' Pitts, with one of us with some reluctance though.

but directly across the street from where we had parked is Franco Trattoria. now other one of us disinclined, still, we decided to cross the street and window shop and shortly there after we made the decision to try it.....and thank God we did.

the menu is very limited and that's because of the type of restaurant it is. we were educated by one of the owners and we learned that all the ingredients that go on the dishes featured on the menu each day are purchased each morning. if the ingredient[s] is not choice at the market the item is not served that day. also, they buy in limited quantities, and once they're out, they're out and the dish is no longer available which equals to freshness and quality.

we started with the bruchetta pomodoro. so good. clean, fresh, crusty and earthy. i almost made a fool out of myself.

we then had the gnocchi in pesto. we've had good gnocchi before, but this was as if they knew we have, and they were going to teach us a lesson that we wouldn't soon forget. and we haven't.

we also went with the typical "Italian" dish, spaghetti....with sausage [these guys poured salt on the wound] the sauce was this rich thick fruity gravy with two tube chops smiling at us as if they knew what we were thinking.

so we had our fill and still had some left overs for later enjoyment. we were happy and soon to be returning campers without a doubt.

Franco and his wife run a very tight and CLEAN kitchen, clean being an understatement, more like immaculate, pristine, spotless. Franco and us talked a bit, he mentioned some ideas for the following day's menu and we then went on our way with our bellies full and our hearts content.


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  1. Thanks for the review re. Franco, f: I'll definitely remember your takes on the fare the next time my husband and I plan our next Italian dinner out. He and I love chicken piccata with capers, chicken cacciatore and osso buco -- somewhat labor-intensive entrees we prefer to enjoy at a restaurant. (We truly can't stomach paying for barely-decent red-sauce pasta dishes that we often make, always with more flavor and for far less moolah, at home.)

    Sorry if I'm hijacking your thread, but I'll happily recommend Golden Triangle, a long stone's throw from Franco on Greenleaf and a must if you enjoy Burmese cuisine. CHer Das Ubergeek reviewed it five years ago; here's his write-up on one of our favorite dining establishments in the area: