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Jan 8, 2013 10:24 AM

Sen Chinese Bistro, Vancouver -- anyone been?

Apparently it is related to Lin's (which explains the blowups of an article about Lin's in their window):

Couldn't find much online... Was thinking of TOFTT today but like Lin's they are closed Tuesdays.

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  1. TOFFT - I can even meet you there some time.

    1. So it's where Osaka Tappan used to be ? Website does say Lin's is their sister resto.

      Menu looks like simplified Szechuan (and no S&S pork, whew) and no XLBs:


      Not sure how Korean stone hotpot rice fits in there. 'tho ....

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      1. re: LotusRapper

        The menu is all over the place. Pan-Chinese with Korean stone bowl thrown in.

        1. re: fmed

          Yeah, the menu did not inspire confidence :-). But we are so short on decent lunch options in the hood, despite dozens of restos, I'm willing to give it a shot (thanks for the offer, fmed, let's make it so offline). Perhaps, like Lin's, they will have a couple of reliably good dishes. One lives in hope.

          1. re: grayelf

            Hey GE, have you tried the "new" Kalamata ? I almost did over the holidays, when I went to De Serres next door to get some things. Then as I walked by I saw they were closed that day :-((

            1. re: LotusRapper

              Nope, but it's on the list. They've added lunch service now, right?

            2. re: grayelf

              TOFTT at Sen Bistro today as I forgot my lunch at home, doh. I sampled a lunch special (they are all $8.95) described as Steamed Fish with Chili Bean Sauce. It came with a generous portion of rice and a biggish bowl of a clear soup with random button mushrooms and less random tofu. Soup was soothing and hot, rice was fine, and fish was quite delightful. Prolly tilapia but nice big filets, very tender, no muddy taste. The thin, clear brown sauce had large chili flakes in it and a bit of zip. Uber thinly shredded green onion and ginger on top was a nice touch. Flavour was hard to pin down but quite savoury and salty in a good way. Nice to eat a fish dish that wasn't deep fried, actually felt quite healthy. So of course I had to correct that by adding an order of the salt and pepper crunchy tofu (5.29) listed under Dim Sum. This dish was less successful. The tofu was not particularly crunchy, and I wasn't crazy about the topping added, which had a fair amount of chopped onion. It was neither salty nor peppery. Not horrid, just okay. No pix because I took it all to go, which *might* explain the lack of crunch on the tofu, so I'll give them a bit of a bye there. Based on this tiny sample, combined with the eager and friendly service, I'll be returning as and when to try other things. They also have opening specials including buy ten, get one free lunches (!), 10% off dinner menu (eat in or take out), 20% off Sat and Sun 11-3 and 30% off their Sukiyaki Ultimate Japanese Hotpot (reg $24.95.

              1. re: grayelf

                Great report, GE :-)

                We (me, LR seniors, LR Jr.) almost went there for lunch on Sunday after being @ Future Shop. But we were on a schedule to go to Oakridge, so took a raincheck on Sen. Subsequent lunch was purveyed by Taco Luis in the food court ..... :-(