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Jan 8, 2013 10:06 AM

Ann Arbor: Tmaz

After reading raves on Yelp, I made it to Tmaz taqueria & bakery (on Packard by Platt). This is the only local Mexican bakery & pan dulce looked gorgeous.
Had lunch w/ a friend and we were glad to see pozole (& menudo) in different sizes, including a small bowl for $3. Pozole was tasty, if maybe a little tomato-y.
Tacos were a mixed bag. I enjoyed my barbacoa (but maybe it was beef, not mutton). Tinga de pollo was a tiny amount on rice, on the taco.
Salsas were not memorable.
Guacamole was very tasty--included chunks of pickled jalapeno.
Kinda interested in trying the Guatemalan items on the menu: churrasquito.

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  1. Agreed—they're uneven, but guacamole is superior, and some dishes are good. The outdoor seating in the summer is a major plus.

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      I like the fact that they serve different entree items, so it's not just standard taqueria fare. I also love that they have more than the typical array of agua frescas. ( ie. jamaica, tamarind)