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Jan 8, 2013 09:43 AM

Business Dinner Near Bay and King


I'm organizing a post board meeting dinner for approximately 10 people, near Bay and King/Wellington. We are in not-for-profit, and do not want something in the range of Canoe, Bymark, etc. It needs to be nice, but it is important that it not be a place that might be perceived as ostentatiously expensive. It would also help if it weren't extremely loud/trendy. Board members staying over will be put up at the Delta, if you get my drift.

Can anyone comment on the Terroni on Adelaide or offer a better suggestion. The people I'm organizing this for are not foodies, so the food does not matter as much as atmosphere.


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  1. I think Terroni on Adelaide would work quite well. Probably one of the best options for a moderately-priced restaurant near King & Bay that can handle a group of 10. Osteria would be another option at a similar pricepoint,but it's more casual than Terroni, and probably quite loud/energetic:

    If your group sticks with the $34.95 3 course prix fixe options at Biff's,rather than a la carte, the cost/person could be comparable to Terroni's.
    Private dining rooms at Biff's

    If a short streetcar ride/20 minute walk along King from Bay would work, Le Select (on Wellington between Spadina and Bathurst) offers some $35 3 course prix fixe dinners (bottom left corner of the dinner menu) that are reasonably priced for downtown.

    Mercatto also could handle a group of 10, but it can be quite noisy. The atmosphere is modern trattoria, but I prefer the atmosphere at Terroni on Adelaide, Le Select or Biff's.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks so much, prima. My main concern about Terroni is that it will be too loud. I haven't been to that location, so I don't know for sure, though. You compared the atmosphere with Mercatto and suggested that Terroni is more subdued. Is it possible to have serious discussion there? The group members are 55-60+ age range, and focused on work.

      1. re: Khadija

        I haven't dined at that location of Terroni for a while.

        Terroni has the Tinello private room for up to 12 guests , and the Ufficio room for up to 16 guests (seats 14, according to the Ufficio photo in the gallery ), that might be available. I'd think the noise levels won't be too loud if you can reserve a smaller room for the group.

        I think it would be possible for some 50somethings/60somethings to have a serious discussion at a private room at Terroni.

        Globe Earth also has a private dining room for up to 16 guests.

    2. What about Mercatto on Toronto St. Nice atmosphere, likely well within a reasonable price range, and not too noisy at all

        1. Richmond Station could fit the bill.

          1. I would opt for Biff's because their menu is safe, something for everyone, and you can probably call them in advance to get a deal on a set menu.
            The main reason I'd suggest Biff's is that it's the only place downtown I can think of where you won't lose your hearing just by having a meal!

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