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Jan 8, 2013 09:43 AM

Business Dinner Near Bay and King


I'm organizing a post board meeting dinner for approximately 10 people, near Bay and King/Wellington. We are in not-for-profit, and do not want something in the range of Canoe, Bymark, etc. It needs to be nice, but it is important that it not be a place that might be perceived as ostentatiously expensive. It would also help if it weren't extremely loud/trendy. Board members staying over will be put up at the Delta, if you get my drift.

Can anyone comment on the Terroni on Adelaide or offer a better suggestion. The people I'm organizing this for are not foodies, so the food does not matter as much as atmosphere.


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  1. I think Terroni on Adelaide would work quite well. Probably one of the best options for a moderately-priced restaurant near King & Bay that can handle a group of 10. Osteria would be another option at a similar pricepoint,but it's more casual than Terroni, and probably quite loud/energetic: http://osteriacicerietria.com/

    If your group sticks with the $34.95 3 course prix fixe options at Biff's,rather than a la carte, the cost/person could be comparable to Terroni's. http://www.oliverbonacini.com/OliverB...
    Private dining rooms at Biff's http://www.oliverbonacini.com/OurRest...

    If a short streetcar ride/20 minute walk along King from Bay would work, Le Select (on Wellington between Spadina and Bathurst) offers some $35 3 course prix fixe dinners (bottom left corner of the dinner menu) that are reasonably priced for downtown.

    Mercatto also could handle a group of 10, but it can be quite noisy. The atmosphere is modern trattoria, but I prefer the atmosphere at Terroni on Adelaide, Le Select or Biff's.

    Good luck.

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      Thanks so much, prima. My main concern about Terroni is that it will be too loud. I haven't been to that location, so I don't know for sure, though. You compared the atmosphere with Mercatto and suggested that Terroni is more subdued. Is it possible to have serious discussion there? The group members are 55-60+ age range, and focused on work.

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        I haven't dined at that location of Terroni for a while.

        Terroni has the Tinello private room for up to 12 guests http://www.opentable.com/rest_profile... , and the Ufficio room for up to 16 guests (seats 14, according to the Ufficio photo in the gallery http://terroni.com/Gallery ), that might be available. I'd think the noise levels won't be too loud if you can reserve a smaller room for the group.

        I think it would be possible for some 50somethings/60somethings to have a serious discussion at a private room at Terroni.

        Globe Earth also has a private dining room for up to 16 guests.

    2. What about Mercatto on Toronto St. Nice atmosphere, likely well within a reasonable price range, and not too noisy at all

        1. Richmond Station could fit the bill.

          1. I would opt for Biff's because their menu is safe, something for everyone, and you can probably call them in advance to get a deal on a set menu.
            The main reason I'd suggest Biff's is that it's the only place downtown I can think of where you won't lose your hearing just by having a meal!

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