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Jan 8, 2013 08:45 AM

Breakfast in Northern Suburbs?

I have a group headed up North and looking for a good place to stop for breakfast - anyplace ranging from St.Paul (near 35E) thru Shoreview, Coon Rapids, Anoka, Elk River, etc.

Any recommendations?

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  1. Key's Cafe in Fridley, especially if you're looking for homestyle.

    1. I really like RJ Riches in Shoreview/Mounds View, right off 35W and little highway 10, across from the Mermaid. Really good, gigantic pancakes (1 of them is basically a meal). Don't expect gourmet's basically a truck stop and the portions match that sentiment.

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      1. re: BigE

        I second RJ Riches. THE most underrated breakfast joint in the entire metro (mainly due to it's out of the way location). I am assuming you are taking the 35-E/694/Old Hwy 10 route to get up north? You will drive right past it. However, it is easy to miss, so do a Google driving directions search on the place first. It is off of OLD Hwy 10, not Hwy 10/47.

        BTW, as BigE said, the pancakes are about the size of a medium pizza, but don't miss out on the Eggs Benedict! One of the best versions I have had....EVER.

        1. re: jeff55432

          Yeah, you have to get off on the exit right after highway 96. It's on the right and takes you up and over the 35W. The old arsenal (potential, never was home of the Vikings stadium) will be on the right as you exit.

          Get to the first light, take a right and it will be immediately on your left.

          It does get pretty packed on the weekends, but the wait time is normally reasonable.

          1. re: BigE

            I'll put in a plug for RJ Riches too. Good food, family-owned, busy breakfast and lunch traffic.

      2. Just a touch further than Coon Rapids is Fat Nat's Eggs, in Brooklyn Park. That's a terrific and inexpensive breakfast spot.

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          I was driving myself nuts trying to remember the name of this place! +1, although I have only ever been to the New Hope location.

        2. Fat nats & RJ Riches, YES!
          Keys is good but not in same catagory

          1. Thanks all for the suggestions! We're going to try RJ Riches. Keys is being remodeled right now.