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Jan 8, 2013 08:27 AM

Order Recommendations for Jamonera

My wife and I are making our annual overnight to Philly this weekend and we are having dinner at Jamonera. Can anyone make any suggestions on must have items on the menu. We are pretty adventurous eaters with little on no limitations. A couple of years ago we received similar advice for a dinner at Amada and it was one of the best meals we ever had. Our waiter, Peter, commented by our order that we must have done our homework because the order was spot on. Hoping for the same again from the Chowhound experts. Thanks.

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  1. Recommendations: Crispy pig tails, Mussels escabeche, Papa frita. I wouldn't especially recommend the albondigas or the Lancaster pig egg.

    1. I was there barely 2 weeks ago. I recommend the iberico ham, anchovy toasts, and the calamari fried in ink. Personally, I liked the pig eggs, but I am crazy for deviled eggs of any kind. Also enjoyed the stuffed dates.

      I tried a white vermouth to start the meal, which I have never had before. Very herbal and delicious.

      Olive oil ice cream for with rosemary shortbread cookies for dessert - very refreshing.

      1. We enjoyed our dinner at Jamonera. This link has some opinions and suggestions on food choices. As you may know the space is quite small and it can get crowded so select the best table for your comfort.

        1. I mentioned this on my philly paella thread: the paella there was really good, well worth getting.

          I'll add this, as general comment on Jamonera: that place is DARK. I mean, it took like 10 minutes for our eyes to adjust. and then there's a little vestibule/waiting area right outside the restroom - I guess so people don't see you lingering while waiting to pee? - that is Pitch Black. I mean, the walls are black and there's no light at all. I was fumbling for my cellphone to use the flashlight app when someone came out of the bathroom and I nearly gave her a heart attack.

          Not a reason not to go, as the food was well worth it, my eyes adjusted eventually, and i learned that if you reach for the bathroom door handle before the curtain closes behind you you're ok. still, odd.