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Replies not going to person you are replying to, but to whole thread

This just started today. I try to reply to a specific peson's post by clicking the usual reply area under their particular post, and it LOOKS like it's going to post under their thread, slightly indented as normal, but instead it posts at the bottom of the whole thread, as if a reply to the OP. This not only makes my reply look out of context and hard to understand, it leaves me unable to reply to individual posts within a thread. I've done it several times today to see if it happens in all threads I am replying to, and it does.

Anyone else having this issue?

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  1. I had this yesterday using Internet Explorer. It's a weird quirk. Once you refresh the page You will notice that your post actually did go to the correct place.

    1. A problem like this has been discussed for the past month. As others describe it, initially the post is at the bottom, but when they refresh the thread, they appear in the right place. I could make this happen on IE9. I just tried it with Chrome and had no problem.


      1. Thanks all. I have zero choice of browsers or version here at work (we are still on IE8) so I'm glad to know it's just a visual problem on my end.

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          Hi rockandroller1. Thanks for your report on this issue; unfortunately it's specific to IE only. We're looking into it.

        2. This is driving me crazy too, today.

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            When this happens, is your reply also missing the link, flag, reply buttons (that normally appear when you mouse-over them)? And does the post appear in the correct place when you do a reload? And are you using IE (8 or 9)?

            By the way, this post appeared as it should. Oh, and instead of a reply link it had a 'thanks for posting' message.

            1. re: paulj

              There's a "link" and an "edit" button.

              1. re: paulj

                It seems to have sorted itself out, and my replies went to the right place when I refreshed.

            2. It happened to me both times I posted yesterday; I thought I'd hit a wrong button or something. I'm using IE also.

              1. I have been having the exact same problem and as you can see in the link below my post has NOT moved up to the actual post I was responding to it is still stuck at the bottom of the thread. It has the correct posters name who I was responding to but the actual post I am commenting on is 8 posts above where my comment is placed on the bottom. (8 as of the time I write this that can change of course if more people post.

                My post about butter on the bottom is in response to Hill J post that starts with this line "Ah you nitpicker you! I actually in my mind thought the line," I hit reply to that post and it placed me on the bottom and in between the two are the 8 unrelated posts in between. I'm using Chrome for what it matters. (I'm a tech-tard sorry)


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                  If you click on the "Re: HillJ" in the upper right hand corner of your post you will be taken directly to the post you've cited. You are simply the "caboose" on the train of posts that came in earlier in front of you (most of them by fourunder and hillj going back and forth) as far as I can tell. If that's not the case maybe engineering will chime in?

                  1. re: jrvedivici

                    As Servorg noted you responded to a post 16 hrs ago. But fourunder responded to that post before you, with more posts responding to his. Normally we would see those posts indented one or more times, but apparently the program only indents so far (4x from the look of it), so that visual clue is missing. Your post is in the right place.

                    So you have hit on a different problem than others who had their posts temporarily misplaced.

                    1. re: paulj

                      Hmmmmmm well luckily I'm not bright enough to argue with either of you regarding this but I still think it's "broken". lol

                      Let me also add.....I'm not 100% sure what exactly changed with the new format but it just does seem much more difficult to follow the threads now when prior I don't ever remember having that problem. I guess I took it for granted since I can't put my finger on what the exact problem is with the new format. I do know viewing/following a thread on my i-phone is near impossible.

                  2. Hi rockandroller1. We released a fix for this today. Let us know if you continue to have problems.