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Jan 8, 2013 07:09 AM

How Many Eggs is Too Many?

so, I am low carbing in order to maintain a recent weight loss and I find that I am eating eggs every morning for breakfast because they are cheap, quick and I am at a loss for anything else that is carb- less to eat. My spouse (who has high cholesterol, this is his hot topic) says that eating 2 eggs every day is very unhealthy and it will give me high cholesterol too. Is he right?

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  1. No, he is not.

    There used to be a theory that excessive egg consumption was bad for cholesterol levels. Such a view is not now generally taken by dieticians.

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      The cholesterol in eggs is not going to cause high cholesterol for you. Harters is correct. This is an old view. Besides, two eggs a day isn't excessive.

    2. Instead of being on a low-carb diet aim for a well balanced diet now that you've lost the weight you wanted.

      It's total calories that count in the long run not what kinds. Too much of anything isn't good for anyone.

      1. Have your blood tests run every year--if your cholesterol goes too high, cut back on your eggs. Cholesterol is a very individual thing--eggs are bad for some folks, not for others.

        I have been low carbing for 3 years, due to diabetes, and it is the best and least painful way I have ever found to maintain my weight, and my numbers are good.

        I often have cheese and crackers for breakfast--I try to keep my carbs down to 15-20 per meal.

        1. It's a very continental European thing to have cheeses and mixed sliced meats (e.g. salami, ham, turkey) for breakfast. You could accompany it with some rye crackers or, for even lower carbs, a selection of pickles and sliced vegetables to dip in flavoured cream cheese. My friends in Berlin used to swear by it... :)

          1. Opinions seem to vary. These days eggs seem to viewed as a very healthy protein source. Current thinking also seems to refute the old idea that "foods containing cholesterol can give you high cholesterol" does not have much basis in actual fact.

            But I'm not a scientist or a doctor...just a confused consumer who is somewhat amused by the medical researchers' flip flopping on so many issues.
            Then again, margarine and Crisco were once touted as a healthy substitutes for butter or lard...and both myths have been widely debunked.

            Personally, I'd just enjoy the eggs and not sweat it.
            The biggest risk from eating 2 eggs a day may be to develop an allergy to them (but that can can apparently happen with almost any food). Scramble away.