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Jan 8, 2013 03:49 AM

4 Nights in Hong Kong Over Chinese New Year

I'll be spending 4 nights in Hong Kong over Chinese New Year with my wife (before heading on to Penang), and am looking for some dining recommendations.

We'll be there for dinner from 8th Feb to 11-Feb, and I'm partcularly stuck for the 10th and 11th, when I believe some restaurants will be closed. We also don't want to venture too far from Tsim Sha Tsui on these days, as we plan on having a relatively early dinner before the night parade and fireworks.

We've been to Hong Kong a couple of times before, and have really enjoyed:

Mak's Noodles
Ming Court
Din Tai Fung
Yung Kee - closed over CNY :(

Looking over some notes from the last trip, I liked the sound of Tim's Kictchen - but I believe that too is shut over CNY :(

I also see Nanhai no. 1 mentioned here a lot recently, but they are booked up :(

I'm open to anything from hole-in-the-way up to Michelin starred eateries, up to a maximum of around 600 HKD per person. Would probably prefer to try more Cantonese fare, but am also open to mainland Chinese (Sichuan, Hunan, Shanghaianese, whatever).

Looking forward to your advice and suggestions!

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  1. CNY is a *bad* time to try Chinese restaurants in HK, GordonS - some will close, others will get booked out, and some will be offering expensive "special CNY set" menus only. Any other types of cuisine you're interested in?

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      Only really interested in Cantonese/Mainland Chinese while in Hong Kong.

      I guess a lot of 'special CNY sets' will be catered towards families or large groups too, which may make it even more difficult for a couple?

      1. re: GordonS

        The less formal 'Tasty's' in the IFC with very good noodles and tapas size dishes should open and attracts less 'festive family crowds'?!!

        1. re: Charles Yu

          Is this it?

          Any differences between IFC and Kowloon Bay branches?

          1. re: GordonS

            I would suggest you go on Check out the eateries you like to visit then go into their website to see what their CNY holiday schedule is like!

        2. re: GordonS

          Just like it's a tradition for many American-Jews to have Chinese food during Christmas since most other restaurants are closed (, it's a somewhat quirky tradition in *my* family to have Indian food when we eat out during Chinese New Year's 2nd day as many Chinese restaurants in Singapore will either be booked out, or else offer outrageously-priced but mass-produced, lousy-tasting dishes, or will still be closed. We do this every year :-)