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Jan 8, 2013 12:12 AM

Grandma is turning 90 I am looking for places in SGV or DTLA 30 or 40 Brunch or Dinner

Hi I'm looking for a senior friendly place. My grandma lives in Monterey Park and anything in that close vicinity would be appreciated. Pasadena, DTLA, J town, Brea, Alhambra, etc.

Open to any and all suggestions
Thank you

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  1. Well the obvious choice for dinner in SGV would be dinner at Elite or Sea Harbour, the latter will have private rooms for you. Same for places like 888 or Ocean Star.

    In/around DTLA a place like Taix is very senior friendly and is set up to accommodate large groups. You might also try and reserve the patio area at Cafe Pinot, esp for brunch.

    1. Drago Centro would be nice. A little further away, Tam O'Shanter is VERY senior friendly. Food is just ok, but it's kind of retro fun....

      1. If you're interested in keeping Brea on your list, maui, keep in mind that it's a 27-mile drive from the heart of Monterey Park -- and easily an hour's drive during the weekday rush hour.

        However, if you're planning your grandmother's celebration for a weekend, consider TAPS Fish House & Brewery in Brea. (My mouth waters every time I think about the day boat sea scallops or the fish and chips.) The reason I'm mentioning TAPS is because of the Sunday brunch, one of the best in north-central Orange County. If TAPS is your choice, I'd call for a reservation ASAP, since the brunch is festive and extremely popular.

        And please pass along my wishes to your grandmother for a terrific birthday! My mom's about to turn 89 later this week, so I'm thinking of taking her and my dad out for her birthday -- on their terms and their time frame, of course.

        TAPS Fish House & Brewery
        101 E. Imperial Highway (Imperial and Brea Blvd.)
        Brea, CA 92821
        (714) 257-0101

        1. thanks for the suggestions, Brea is a far reach thanks for pointing that out.

          Looks like Grandma wants a place in Pasadena any suggestions?

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            Over the last two decades, Pasadena has taken some pretty sizable steps in the fine dining/culinary world. Considering that a Le Cordon Bleu campus is located in town, that'd make perfect sense.

            I'd first suggest The Royce at the Langham Hotel, based on the props several CHers give it. (About a decade ago, my husband went to its previous iteration, the Dining Room, for a business dinner. A man who's pretty tough to please when it comes to dining, he raved about that meal for months afterward.) However, The Royce at the Langham Hotel will close its doors Jan. 26, so if that sounds like a good call for you and your family, I'd again suggest phoning ASAP for a reservation:

            The Royce at the Langham
            1401 S. Oak Knoll Ave.
            Pasadena, CA 91106
            (626) 585-6410


            Re. The Royce's upcoming closure:

            Haven't yet been to The Raymond Restaurant, but it looks lovely and romantic. The website has a "Parties" section; if you plan to go with The Raymond, I'd suggest phoning the party/event staff to start the ball rolling for your grandmother's 90th birthday celebration.

            The Raymond Restaurant
            1250 S. Fair Oaks Ave.
            Pasadena, CA 91105
            (626) 441-3136