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Jan 7, 2013 09:32 PM

2 Resturants not to be missed in Venice

We have been to Venice several times in January and love it...not many tourists and not too cold..wanted to let anyone going there know about 2 of our favorite places that are very local fare! Both were recommended to us by our concierge at Casa Segrado....they are both very close to that hotel....and in my mind are a "Not to be missed "food expierience...
One is Osteria Giorgione ...Calle Larga Proberbi 30131 Venice
This is a place where many locals go and is an amazing "find" for a traveler to Venice...service is friendly and very helpfull in all regards...
It is a small local place that has several rooms to dine in and a small bar.
The food is very Venitian and really amazing! and all the sea food is fresh,,, the waiter started by telling me about the chestnut pasta (all pastas are made daily)..I had ravioli stuffed with a turbo mouse along with small cherry tomatoes and tiny shrimp..then went on to the sea bass with roasted rosemary potaoes .our waiter brought a side of velvety polenta that was over the top!! The waiter suggested wine which made the whole dining experience even better..
i hope whoever tries this has as great a time as we had ..we always go back every time we are there.......
Second one Corte del Pegoloto Cannaregio 1828-1831 30121
Second is Ristorante Enoteca La Colombina
This is again a place that was suggested by the is a short walk from the Casa Segrado and a small gem of a say that it is some of the best food a great number of people have had in Italy! wow...
The waiter /chef was hilarious and made us laugh the minute we got there at our table. after he gave us menus he just asked us what we liked and said he would just bring us we said ok..
first : a small bruschetta with fresh tomatos , capers and olive oil..
second: a "stack" on a small plate of carmalized onion, toasted pine nuts
raisons and tiny fried shrimp...sounds odd? yikes was it good!
third: large ravioli stuffed with burrata cheese ,fresh herbs with a tomatoe
fourth: roasted sea bass with black olives, fried capers and cherry
tomatoes...served with roasted rosemary potaoes, braised
radicchio with olive oil and balsamic..
A great bottle of red wine.....The chef asked if i liked risotto and of course i said I loved it...he then proceeded to say he would make me some with mushrooms....I said i was already in a slight food comma so not that night...
he asked me if i could cook and i said i did love to ..He went in the back and brought out a huge plastic baggie with the most fabulous smelling dried porcini for me to take home...
We got the bill ......ready for the bill.......$100.00 US in Jan 2011.

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  1. We had the (mis)fortune to be trapped in Venice in 2010 due to the ash cloud and had to extend our five day visit by a further five days. The apartment we were in was not available so our rental agency found us a wonderful B&B run by Stacy, a delightful American artist. Her husband Domenico ran La Colombina opposite and we ate there 3-4 times. The cooking was highly accomplished and imaginative, and the service was very friendly and efficient. Domenico was a truly wonderful friendly host, bringing dishes very much as you decribe, leaving the choice to his discretion. I know it's not everyone's style of eating but after a day walking around Venice it was nice to just sit down and be brought food that we knew would be of a very high standard. The wine list was extensive and I remember him opening a couple of very decent bottles for us to serve by the glass. It was extremely good value and we even got a discount as we were staying in the B&B.

    We are returning later this year and having looked up La Colombina, I think it may have changed hands in the middle of last year. Domenico now runs Bentigodi at Calesele - Cannaregio 1423. Any reports?

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      thank you so much for letting me know that Domenico is not there at La Colombina ...he was our waiter and was added value to the night at the resturante!!!
      We will ask about Bentigodi and go there since we will be there for 4 or 5 nights at the end of January....

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