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Jan 7, 2013 08:40 PM


I've never tried it but I'm intrigued. Who's had it,
either at home or eating out? If I decide to make
it, where can you find cheese curds?

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  1. Hi folks.... just a reminder that we'd like to keep this thread focused on places to try poutine in the Atlanta area, or local sources for cheese curds. If you'd like to share general thoughts on poutine, please head over to the General Topics board. Thanks!

    1. Gosh, and here I thought CHOW was a site about food.
      You know, like have you ever had poutine?
      If so did you eat it at home or out at a restuarant?
      Where can I source local ingredients if I want to
      try to make it?

      Yeah, things like that.

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      1. re: jethro stella

        It is - but you're going to get much better results if you're just looking for information on poutine if you go to the General Topics board like the Team suggested. People from all over the country comment there and you'll get more responses. If you only care about getting responses from the Atlanta area, then I guess you're in the right place (though the lack of responses is telling).
        You could also do a search: