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Jan 7, 2013 06:54 PM

vietnamese restaurant serving Chinese food????

O.K. I know this is weird. We'll be in the Washington Ave. vicinity with friends Wednesday night and would like Vietnamese food, but my husband can't eat it (Wish i could figure out what the problem is) In any case, do any of the Vietnamese restaurants in the area also offer some Chinese items? Don't know why he can eat Chinese food and not Vietnamese. Very frustrating for both of us. I'm really looking forward to some Vietnamese food, even if i have to resort to bringing a tuna sandwich for him in my purse :)

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  1. Nam Phuong (11th and Washington) has wonton soup, fried rice, beef with broccoli and some black bean dishes.

    Menu here...

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    1. re: Philly Ray

      Well, at the last minute my husband had a conflict, so we went without him--that made things much easier. Chose Nam Phuong be cause it and the shopping center it was in, reminded us of the Eden Center outside of DC where we used to live. We really enjoyed it. Next time we'll try Le Viet when we are not feeling so nostalgic.

    2. Depends on if your husband wants "Chinese" or "American Chinese." I'd go with Le Viet. Nam Phuong has a larger menu, but isn't as clean or new.

      1. My mom tends to have a bad reaction to fish sauce. I hate this because I use fish sauce in almost every red meat dish I cook (including Yankee pot roast, hamburgers & meat loaf), so I know it's the fish sauce and not something else. Maybe it's that?

        Oh, and I found Nam Phuong to have delicious Chinese food. Their stuffed eggplant was luscious!

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          They also have a good chicken with eggplant and black bean sauce.

        2. Could MSG possibly be the culprit? Sometimes it is ubiquitous
          in prepared sauces, but we've run into it in both Vietnamese
          and Chinese food. Even a place that does not add MSG to
          its dishes could be using a product that already contains it in sauces.